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The Time for Automation is Now!

A look at the new world order post Covid-19 crisis and how organizations must adapt to the new normal.

Moving towards an API driven Economy

APIs are making data not only more accessible but more consumable allowing organizations to take the most value from their data. 

SmartConnect - Connecting Systems & Devices

A MuleSoft powered API Driven tool that enables connectivity with various systems and devices.

The Power of a MuleSoft driven API Strategy

Explore the full potential of MuleSoft integration and consulting services with Incepta – a certified MuleSoft implementation partner  

Our Customer Stories

Read about how Incepta helped customers solve their problems, overcome challenges and improve efficiency with the help of innovation and technology

MuleSoft API

Integration, Automation, Intelligence

Incepta provides a full range of integration consulting services to accelerate your digital transformation. We are a certified partner of MuleSoft – the leading technology for rapid integration and digital evolution, providing application development and strategic consulting to organizations in need for business automation, omni-channel alignment, marketing automation, cloud transformation and managed services.

MuleSoft Consulting

Incepta is a certified MuleSoft partner and reseller. We specialize in MuleSoft’s recommended Catalyst Launch and Center for Enablement (C4E) practices by helping organizations in MuleSoft Integration, Training, Project Audit, Architecture Review or API Security Policy Review.

API Management & API led Architecture

Incepta offers a full life cycle of API Management and Architecture to solve complex enterprise problems. Our API-led approach ensures your IT ecosystem is fully secured, monitored and managed seamlessly.

Data Science & Predictive Analysis

Using statistical and predictive analytical tools, Incepta helps organizations make confident decisions, unearth insights, build plans and respond in real-time to customer demands & drive operational efficiency. 

Management Consulting

Incepta believes in partnering with clients in their transformation journey. We look at existing challenges from an insider perspective and develop, implement, and support strategies untill the organization is able to achieve the desired results.

Cyber Security

Incepta enables businesses to secure their systems by detecting vulnerabilities in applications. Whether its detection of a completed version or during the software development lifecycle, Incepta team runs comprehensive testing, detecting all vulnerabilities with no false positives.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Incepta has partnered with industry leaders in RPA technologies. We help companies save immediately. Businesses benefit by automating their manual, repeated process using industry leader technologies like Automation Anywhere and UIPath.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Incepta provides 360 degree integration and automation solutions using leading edge Integration tools, RPA, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. Incepta is a proud implementation partner of MuleSoft®, Automation Anywhere® and UiPath® in the USA and Canada.

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API Integration


Incepta consultants are equipped with the knowledge of leading-edge technologies in the IT industry. We continuously thrive for innovation and excellence through better use of technologies that are out there in the market. Whether we have a thin client like a web analytics tool or a heavy duty performance booster caching architecture for your business application, Incepta’s expertise has it covered. Some key technology and software makers that we are partnered with are:


Incepta Insights

Incepta’s take on the latest happenings in Technology and how its shaping the future of business, society and the environment.

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Incepta’s Donations to Daily Bread Food Bank

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Batch processing of large data in MuleSoft

Different integrations require different styles of implementation. The business functionality varies from application to application and so each demands a unique strategy, one such use case or scenario is where large data needs to be moved from one system to another....

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MUnit: Mule application unit testing best practices

Mule Integration Framework facilitates unit testing of mule applications through writing test cases leveraging the power of its native testing framework: MUnit. In the world of software development, unit testing plays a vital role on validating the correctness of a...

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