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Blog Launch!

Its been few weeks since we launched the Incepta site. The blog page has arrived late for many reasons; primarily for our reluctant attitude towards it. But not any more! Incepta blog page will be running and rolling in regular, frequent interval from now on. We charter that.

Because we are coming to the community with our messages and news through this page, for first post I picked something that relates to that.

Nobody disagrees how boring it can be running on a treadmill specially after coming back from work. No exception here except that I constantly try to look for something interesting  on the 14 inch screen attached to it. Thanks to the company for producing this kind of hugely helpful equipments. It was on Webnation on CP24, I came to know about Rockmelt – as they call it – a social browser with extra caffeine. From concept it sounds cool. You dont need to periodically check your twitter, facebook or linkedin newsfeed or notifications. All in one place – connected. Just focus on your web activities, bring the social piece on as you may need. Based on open source Chromium, the browser has most of the look and feel of Google Chrome. It has all social bookmarklets lined up as sidebars. You need to login first in all social sites to tell Rockmelt how it can help you to be in sync with your social world.

The browser is yet to release to public. You need a facebook account to get the invitation. I just did mine. Looking forward to testing it. Hope that will make me feel connected little more with the cost of little less time. Rock luck Rockmelt!

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