Mule 4 GA: Accelerating the speed of development

GA of Mule 4 and Studio 7, a major evolution of the core runtime behind Anypoint Platform is out now. Mule 4 enhances application development velocity with up to 50 percent fewer steps and concepts to learn, including a simplified language for connectivity, clear access to data, automatic tuning, and smoother upgrade processes.

Mule has evolved a lot since the last major release of Mule 3.0 in 2010, growing to solve legacy modernization projects, power secure SaaS integrations, and provide full API lifecycle management. Mule 4 represents the next generation of tools and capabilities for MuleSoft and our developer community. To learn more about the evolution of Mule and the new features in Mule 4 Read here…  

Written by Incepta

April 4, 2018

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