Goodbye CONNECT 2018


Our team is back from Mulesoft CONNECT 2018. It was an amazing two day event with industry experts from across the globe. We got to hear some great customer success stories from companies like Airbus, Hertz and HSBC. The biggest news was of course the release of Titan. We are very excited to help our clients in the migration from their current Mulesoft version to Mulesoft 4.0. With introduction of features like AutoMapper in the dataweave and Anypoint Fabric, the future will be even more exciting for each and every customer in their digital transformation journey. Last but not the least, the words from Sir Tim Berners-Lees in his keynote on net neutrality and freedom of the World Wide Web was awe-inspiring.

Adios CONNECT 2018 and see you all next year!

Written by Incepta

May 13, 2018

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