HR Analytics

The Rise of HR Analytics


Increase Efficiency in Human Resources

People Analytics, also known as Talent analytics is an emerging field in Human Resources. Data is everywhere and there is a need to utilize this data to formulate HR strategies. Companies want to become more effective at hiring and retaining the right talent. HR Analytics looks for patterns in all the available data and identify important connections that might otherwise be overlooked. This information goes a long way towards helping candidates understand how to best prepare themselves for employment and career growth, as well as helping organizations understand how to hire for best fit.

To get ready for the next move in HR, companies need to adapt and implement certain approaches: –

Having the right mindset: There is a need to have the ‘right’ mindset so that the “analytics upskilling” efforts focus on enhancing the performance of HR professionals on the ground and help them better perform in their current role.

Making use of available resources: Analytics literacy is a must and hence organizations should have training plans in place.

Making the content engaging and accessible: Employees would be willing to learn and absorb if they find the content interesting and promising. Make use of online videos, podcasts, and forums. Crowdsource for more ideas!

Create business value: The main aim is to incorporate People Analytics with business strategy to achieve an organization’s objectives. Thus, the training (formal or informal) should embed its lessons in the context of actual business settings.