transforming Human Resources?
Digital Transformation

How AI is transforming Human Resources?

Where to use Artificial Intelligence

Merging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Resources can help improve the overall employee experience. Incorporating cognitive thinking in HR processes such as onboarding, training, and benefits of administration can drive significant value.

“To AI or not to AI” may still be the question for many companies, but some are already following the trend. Here are some of the processes where companies are planning to use AI.

Training and assisting new employees

New employees who typically want to network with people and acquire information typically may not know where to go. They may ask their desk neighbor. But what if she works in a different department?  “What if an employee had been welcomed with new hire information on his mobile device that was tailored to his first project?” He might know the right person to contact for help.

Vacation request

Cognitive-supporting decision making would also help employees make key decisions at the workplace.  Employees that want to put in for vacation days are informed that it is unlikely to be approved as many others have already booked vacation in that time frame.

Removing Biases in candidate selection

According to a survey by Human Resources Professional Association, researchers found that even when employers strive to be inclusive, they may subconsciously lean toward candidates who are most like them, or what they call “unconscious bias.” Another bias, language bias, has been discovered by a psychological tool called the Implicit Association Test (IAT) that shows that people’s subconscious word associations indicate bias. “These biases find their way into job descriptions, as well as resume selections. Now, with AI, algorithms can be designed to help employers identify and remove these bias patterns in the language they use to improve their hiring communications and welcome diverse applicants,” AI could also present managers with candidates who may have been screened out due to the human tendency to favour candidates with similar traits or competencies.