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Choosing the right job title

Suitable Candidates.

Looking for suitable candidates but underestimating the importance of a Job Title?

This is one of the main reasons why many of us fail to attract suitable candidates. We often look for people to join our growing team and have learned a few things from the experience. We are sharing some of them in this article.

Include keyword phrases

Many companies can, unfortunately, fall into the short-sighted trap of naming a role to suit their internal structure. However, candidates will logically search for roles and phrases they are familiar with and aware of. If your job title does not include the keywords they are searching for, you will be hidden away and potentially miss out on relevant applications. It is best to avoid acronyms and abbreviations. Also, look out for any spelling mistakes.

Keep it short and simple

It is best to have a short and easy to understand job title. Many companies tend to add keywords into the title from the job description in the hope that it will help inform the candidate’s decision. While keywords are great for writing effective job titles, it can be easy to get carried away. Avoid putting too many words in a job title.

Avoid Catchphrases

A growing number of companies are adopting unconventional titles such as “tech ninja” or “growth hacker”. While these titles can help gain initial attention, the responsibilities and details of the position can be misleading to job seekers. Effective job titles should be specific to the position and not leave candidates in confusion.

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