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Three ways to make your Meetings more productive

Team Meetings

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of team meetings? Meetings aim to solve issues, improve communication, promote coordination and to deal with any matters that are put on the agenda and to help get any jobs done. However, sometimes they are considered as boring and waste of time.

According to a research conducted, a pair of hypotheses were developed

 1. The more meetings one has to attend, the greater the negative effects; and

 2. The more time one spends in meetings, the greater the negative effects.

Thus, the question arises, what is a good meeting? How can we make meetings more productive for employees? The aim is to get creative ideas out of the employees. Here are some of the ways to make meetings a happy workplace activity:

Start the meeting with a positive message

If you start the meeting with issues and complaints, that’s what you’ll get. The best way is to ask all participants to share some positive news. It can be something you have accomplished since the last meeting. Acknowledging the person who helped you on a project is also a good start. Always mention what you are looking forward in the coming months.

Invest your time in table-less meetings

Lose the table! Instead of having tables for coffee cups and cell phones, it is best to have a meeting without tables. Employees would be free to move from one place to another. Increasing the participation and encouraging everyone to contribute is the key. It is best to have people sit in circles without tables to have better flow of communication.

Silence – the strategic tool

The purpose of meetings is to talk, right. The answer is No. The purpose of meetings is not to talk – the purpose of meetings is to arrive at ideas, solutions, plans and decisions. A well-placed two-minute break is a great chance for people to stop and think.

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