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New Blogging Style

Short and sweet

While browsing the internet for the latest news in the sphere of digital transformation, we thought of the recent posts in the company’s blog, as well as the direction that the company wanted to take in writing these blogs. We ended up deciding that we would like to try posting blogs in a multi-part form, an ongoing blog that would describe or comment on a particular issue in extensive detail, yet would be split over the course of several days in order to prevent it from being too long to be an enjoyable read.

We do still intend on posting single blog posts, but felt that this would be a more interactive approach with our audience since we could publish in a way that permits the readers to view, as well as comment and criticize, an article in a way that could affect the next part of the blog, so that the quality of content and writing would improve as a result of such potential feedback.

For the first part of the blog series, we would be starting with a basic discussion of digital transformation, why it’s occurring, why it is necessary, as well as the current state of the market in terms of available and commonly used technology in that area.

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