A MuleSoft report on the current situation of inter-connectivity within and between enterprises revealed several significant pieces of information. When analyzing the issues most IT professionals faced in their workplace, a commonly voiced problem was the amount of time spent doing menial, repetitive and maintenance work. About 70% of IT professionals listed this as their number one issue. A significant cause of this issue? Poorly connected applications.

While in the past the usual solution was to hire more talent in order to keep up with the increasing amount of applications and work, this strategy has its own drawbacks. Increased expenses, more training required, lower budgets that could be dedicated to innovation and business improvement; the list goes on.

Fortunately, APIs provide a modern solution to the problem. By using APIs, we can eliminate a lot of the problems that arise from a lack of inter-connectivity in the usual environment and IT professional is immersed in during his work, creating an environment where the professional is capable of devoting more time to tasks far more suitable to their profession and expertise


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