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AI and eHealth: 3 Apps Automating Mental Health Care

Mental health problems

One in five Canadians experience mental health problems or illness every year. Most of the affected can recover with appropriate treatment, but barriers such as stigma and cost impede recover for many.

To combat this problem, developers have taken to creating automated mental health apps to alleviate and diagnose mental illnesses. While they do not replace medical treatment, they aim to support people with mental illnesses with and without access to traditional mental health services.

Youper, for example, is a chatbot designed to help users manage difficult emotions. Through automated conversations, Youper aims to track and improve users’ mental health.

Other approaches include phone trackers and diagnostic tools, such as Bark and Cognoa. Created for parents, Bark monitors a child’s phone for signs of cyberbullying, sexting, and suicidal ideation. Cognoa is a diagnostic tool for childhood developmental delays and autism.

The future of AI in mental health services certainly looks promising. A 2017 Stanford University study showed that students with depression saw an approximate 20% improvement in symptoms after using Woebot, an automated mental health app.

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