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The BMW Success Story – Intelligent Master Data Management

Intelligent Master Data Management

The following article explores how BMW has been able to make sense and gain insights by combining and integrating millions of data points collected from multiple sources into a success model by assimilating, correlating and analyzing data to gain deep insights with the help of Informatica data aggregation and real time analysis which has transformed how BMW understands their customer, suppliers and the overall industry.

Using Informatica’s MDM – Product 360 which is a data-fueled product information management (PIM) system, has allowed BMW to more effectively manage and collaborate on product content to fuel all sales channels with consistent, rich, and accurate product data for an informed and enhanced customer experience.

Streamlining Customer Communications – Product 360
Using Master Data to Extend the Brand Experience across Customer Touchpoints

BMW targeted the goal to analyse customer master data gathered from different sources that could fuel product information management to provide customers a singular experience across different channels. Using the Informatica MDM (Master Data Management tool) – Product 360 solution provided a trusted view of product information which led to increased efficiency and time to market for reaching product content to customers based on real time feedback.

The other challenge related to product content, particularly for the wide range of products that BMW has to offer, was managing complex product content and at the same time provide a next-generation customer experience. Informatica MDM – Product 360 helped to consolidate information silos to create a unified platform for global product data with enhanced flexibility and speed in change management w.r.t product content.

Enable business users to more efficiently acquire, author, and publish product information MDM – Product 360 helps streamline the delivery of timely product information worldwide with improved accuracy and quality of customer-facing information

Promoting vehicle diversity through brand channels

The BMW Group uses an ever-expanding number of channels to connect with existing and prospective customers. To communicate effectively, it is important to access product-related data assets, which can be spread across different internal and external IT systems and locally-hosted files. Product information must be presented accurately and consistently across customer touch points, including web sites, social media feeds, brochures, customer service call centers, e-shops, and dealerships. Managing the interdependency among data sources can be just as complex as managing the total volume of data.

Organizations can benefit from a single version of data truth for marketing and communications to reduce the possibility of conflicting or incomplete product information across channels. In addition, if companies routinely use printed catalogues and brochures to transpose product information onto web sites, that can add to the complexity of presenting dynamic purchasing options to consumers.

Understanding and responding to customer needs and market demand faster

A single version of data truth helps to streamline operations and reduce costs with a more transparent content creation process. This has helped to improve the accuracy of published product information and media asset quality and the company has been able to achieve this at a much shorter time for product assets across the globe. The change management capabilities enabled by Informatica MDM – Product 360 provided this ability to respond to customer needs and market demands faster.

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