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How the 5G Network has the Potential to Unleash Limitless Possibilities and Drive Innovation

Driving Innovation

It’s said that transportation and communication are having a race. Whoever wins will render the other one ineffective. 5G network will definitely tilt the bets in favour of communication.

The next and most radical generation of mobile communications fifth generation (5G) is all set to change the technologies and business models of the mobile telecommunications industry. More than that, 5G is widely expected to be a defining stage in the global evolution of IT in general, affecting almost all parts of industry and society.

The goals that 5G is going to attain:

Increased data volume:
 1,000x increase over current levels. This means it will be possible for many people and devices, sending large files, to transact across a wireless connection without performance impact.

Low latency: 5x reduction in transit time. The low-latency requirement of as little as 1ms (in certain cases) end-to-end round trip is intended to enable real-time control applications to run across the 5G network. Some have identified a round trip of 5ms as a goal.

Faster data-transfer speed: 10-100x higher speeds. Improvements in bandwidth have characterized every new generation of wireless networks. The goal of 5G is to support 1-10Gbps connections to endpoints in the field.

More devices: 10-100x devices. 5G intends to increase the number supported in a given area by a factor of between 10x and 100x (thereby enabling IoT) sometimes stated as one million devices per square kilometer with devices able to travel at up to 500km per hour.

Energy efficiency: The 5G initiative aims to extend device battery life by a factor of 10, and reduce core network consumption by 90%.

High availability: The aspirational goal of 5G is to create the perception of five-nines availability, achieved through distributed loads and redundancy.

100% coverage: The ability to provide good coverage in all areas is another aspirational goal of 5G the extent and achievability of this is highly debatable.

Rapid service deployment: One goal is to rapidly reduce the time it takes to deploy 5G network connections, using self-organizing network technology.

The advent of 5G could really transform the world. The speed and network coverage can open doors to limitless possibilities.

Here are some of the potential opportunities that the 5G network could bring.

  • One day businesses will no longer have physical offices at all. Instead, in-person interaction between employees will be replaced by holographic meetings with Creative Collaboration in a 5G World. The benefits of 5G networks extend well beyond just mobile devices. The wireless technology promises to make everything from cloud computing to video streaming faster and cheaper. That means business owners will be able to perform the full range of their work from almost anywhere. 

    “5G networks are going to create a world of nomads,” said Theodore Schachter, chairperson of advertising and marketing at FIT and founder of the marketing firm Wolf Prey Advisors. At the same time, widespread adoption of 5G will make it easier for entrepreneurs to collaborate and establish (virtual) communities.
  • The retail industry has an opportunity to take advantage of improvements in customer data afforded by the improved technology. “It will allow the brick-and-mortar experience to finally compete with the Web and online experience,” Schachter said.  “AR, VR, and 5G will allow stores to know the shopper in context. For example, why are they shopping? Are they shopping for a first date, an anniversary?” 
  • 5G networks offer manufacturers and telecom operators the chance to build smart factories and truly take advantage of technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, augmented reality for troubleshooting, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
    With 5G, operators can create new revenue streams. Alongside energy and utility, manufacturing represents one of the most significant sectors for new revenue potential for operators addressing industry digitalization with 5G technologies. According to an Ericsson study titled “The 5G Business Potential”, the expected addressable market in 2026 will be USD 113 billion, a substantial 7 percent potential revenue growth from current service revenue forecasts.
  • The service sector can gain immensely through live video support. Technicians can resolve problems with video streaming via AR tools and connected devices that can broadcast identity, process and maintenance data in real time helping the support staff to solve problems quickly and efficiently. By using an augmented reality solution and digital tablets, the troubleshooter can find the fault more quickly thanks to the extra layer of digital information that is added to the real-world image.
  • Inter-device communication will become a reality, thus opening the world for IoT devices to communicate with each other and controlling systems leading to a truly connected world where humans and devices communicate and support each other with the ultimate goal of minimizing waste, reducing energy consumption, creating community driven business models that are all connected and supported by each other to help build a clean, healthy and better world. 5G has the potential to realize this vision.

For instance a simple device connected to the 5G network could broadcast its location, ownership, service records, usage history and much more.

This worldwide super-connectivity will give rise to application, human and device interconnectivity generating tons of data that the businesses has to process and transform. Business looking to build a secure future must plan their business functions on an API driven architecture for building solutions that can connect with a variety of systems and devices. Devices will no longer be just a device, but carry with it data for end-users, service personnel and 3rd party applications to use, transact and update.

As per McKinsey’s evaluation, “the advent of 5G will have a profound impact not just on wireless operators but on participants across the communications value chain. From tower companies to local governments, back-haul providers to original equipment manufacturers, and over-the-top programming providers to handset manufactures, 5G will radically alter industry dynamics. The time to plan a strategy for this transformative new technology is now.”

Organizations ready to embrace the 5G Network must leverage the power of API to drive and manage the explosion of data and connectivity that will be unleashed through the 5G Network. We at Incepta Solutions specialize on API led integration and consulting services for organizations across industries and verticals.

API and Integration Consulting and Strategy
Incepta can help develop a roadmap and plan by studying current organization processes and identify areas of opportunity where API integration can drive efficiency and productivity.

Integration Solution Architecture
Incepta’s team of experienced Integration architects will help develop a comprehensive and scalable architecture that meets organizational business needs while remaining cost-effective, leveraging the power of the MuleSoft – the leading Integration Platform for APIs. Incepta is proud to be a preferred partner to MuleSoft.

Comprehensive Integration Services
Incepta builds Integration and API Management solutions in a manner that accelerates time-to-value and ROI. Incepta helps connect key systems, eliminate silos, and enable access to the right information both inside and outside the organization, enabling new and legacy systems to connect and coexist.

API Development Services
Incepta’s team of experienced developers and architects can help build and optimize business processes and data flows. In addition Incepta can help develop new APIs and user interfaces, conduct testing, and ensure best practices are followed at every step.

Read more about our company and services at www.inceptasolutions.com.

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