How API led Strategy can help drive Smart Building Sustainability

API driven Smart Building Sustainability Management

By building an API driven strategy for Smart Buildings, the builder community can start laying a foundation for data storage, data sharing, analytics of all sensory data related to environment and energy consumption.

This access to raw data has the potential to become a revenue generator for third party products and companies looking to use such data within their own applications. 

APIs for Energy & Forecasting

Organizations looking to provide API service for Energy Consumption and Forecasting can plan to launch APIs that allow customers to integrate sensory data with applications to gain insights about energy consumption, forecast electrical demand, and other meaningful energy-related insights. This could be of particular significance for Commercial Properties.

API Strategy Use-Case for Energy Management and Forecasting

The APIs can be used by third party companies to create dashboards that shows energy usage, power quality, and equipment health in real time or other analytics. An Energy API can be developed to access energy consumption data (updated every minute, quarter hourly, hourly, and daily), a Forecasting API to forecast building electrical demand based on historical data, or a Disaggregation API to track device-level energy usage from a single circuit. Access to APIs can be limited by access and credentials with some being offered as only a paid service.

Incepta’s 4-Level API Service Offering

We at Incepta Solutions specialize on digital transformation consultancy and services for organizations across industries and verticals .

API and Integration Consulting and Strategy
Incepta can help develop a roadmap and plan by studying current organization processes and identify areas of opportunity where API integration can drive efficiency and productivity.

Integration Solution Architecture
Incepta’s team of experienced Integration architects will help develop a comprehensive and scalable architecture that meets organizational business needs while remaining cost-effective, leveraging the power of the MuleSoft – the leading Integration Platform for APIs. Incepta is proud to be a preferred partner to MuleSoft.

Comprehensive Integration Services
Incepta builds Integration and API Management solutions in a manner that accelerates time-to-value and ROI. Incepta helps connect key systems, eliminate silos, and enable access to the right information both inside and outside the organization, enabling new and legacy systems to connect and coexist.

API Development Services
Incepta’s team of experienced developers and architects can help build and optimize business processes and data flows. In addition Incepta can help develop new APIs and user interfaces, conduct testing, and ensure best practices are followed at every step.

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Written by: Incepta

January 19, 2020

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