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WorkforceInsights – The Smart Productivity Measurement Tool

Productivity measurement tool

WorkforceInsights is a productivity measurement tool for the manufacturing sector which tracks time spent by workers on each job card or product part on the production floor and gives valuable insights into productivity measure and performance variance of individual workers, product, product parts, workstations and departments across the organization.


WorkforceInsights provides rich dashboards which are pre-built for the decision makers and managers to gain deep insights into productivity data and inspect specific problems:

a) Department Metrics dashboard provides the average production time across various departments and compares the deviation from individual departmental benchmarks that serves as a performance comparison between all departments across the organization.

b) Employee Metrics dashboard provides a measure of the time spent on each production activity by an individual worker. The performance chart serves as a key indicator on understanding individual performance especially when compared with average performance data of other workers in the same time period. Access to such data can prove to be invaluable for evaluating individual worker performance and understanding problems at the micro level.

c) Product and Product Part Metrics dashboard provides insights into average production time spent in manufacturing of a product. Comparison with historical data can serve as a useful measure in understanding productivity fluctuations over a period of time. The impact of key strategies like introduction of new manufacturing technology or special training of workers can be evaluated and analyzed.

d)Station Metrics dashboard provides deep insights into the performance data of individual work stations. Early indication on maintenance issues or modification needs of work stations can be deduced by looking at the average time spent graph over a period of time. Specific problems related to individual stations can also be identified from changes in production time data from the global average.


Equipped with a digital scanner, the WorkforceInsights tool is easily accessible on a worker’s mobile phone. Using barcode scanning technology the time taken for job completion is recorded against an individual worker, product, workstation or department. Daily, weekly and monthly production data is analyzed through data inspection and comparison of time spent across all variables. Rich graphical interactive views provide snapshots on variance data and production metrics with the ability to cross-reference between departments and individual workers and from product and product parts to the individual workstations. By comparing time data with individual and global benchmarks, early detection mechanism can be triggered to identify specific problem areas and avert emergencies.


WorkforceInsights can be easily connected with an organization’s ERP, HR and other applications like production scheduling systems and attendance software. With its API led connectivity, it can establish bi-directional data exchange with both in-house and cloud based systems. This allows the tool to work seamlessly with the existing systems without any modification of an organization’s core applications.


WorkforceInsights can be invaluable for understanding of Performance Measurement Systems (PMS) and its corresponding metrics. The real-time insights provided by the tool can help an organisation under a Lean Manufacturing (LM) environment to identify and rectify bottlenecks as and when they appear without having to wait till a problem physically surfaces and is blown out of hand.

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