How an AI based API Strategy is Transforming the way Insurance Agents deliver to Customers

API based strategy for Insurance Sector by Incepta

There is hardly any business today that doesn’t utilize the power of digital technology to help their stakeholders extract or deliver more value from the services and product offerings. The presence of digital technology has become ubiquitous through apps and APIs that integrate business processes and make it easier for the end user to communicate with and use information from various segments of the business.

APIs with the help of embedded AIs are also foraying into intelligent customer service or proactive sales by using predictive analysis to forecast customer requirements and behaviors. One of the latest organizations to join the AI based API space is Aviva with its white-labeled text notification system for brokers, business APIs and inquiry APIs – all designed to satisfy the modern broker’s customers. The latest is a chatbot that is based on AI and designed like an inquiry APIs to enable the brokers to help the end customers of the company. They also have a system of notifying their brokers about customer requirements based on their history.

This is just another way APIs are helping businesses and will keep helping businesses deliver value. We are yet to see the true wonders that AI backed APIs can do to the top line and bottom line of businesses, but one thing that is sure is that APIs are here to stay.

Prospect Marketing: Predictive Analytics ensures products are perfectly curated for customers.

Predictive Analysis: Predictive Analytics identifies revenue generation prospect by matching the current customer profile

Personalized Communication: Predictive Analytics helps understand customer profiles better to personalize messages

Pampering Customers: Predictive Analytics helps predicts customer behaviour based on past engagements which can improve upsell and cross sell products

Predicting Behaviour: Predictive Analytics helps predicts customer behaviour based on past engagements which can improve upsell and cross sell products

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Written by: Incepta

February 20, 2020

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