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The Power of the Collective @Incepta

Safety for our clients and employees

With the Covid-19 virus pandemic escalating into higher stages in different countries, the whole world is implementing major shut down and social distancing policy. Public places like malls, theaters, gyms etc. have been shut down to banish public gatherings, schools and colleges have been shut down.

Based on the guidelines issued by WHO, we at Incepta have taken into account several factors in order to ensure the safety of our clients and employees. The curbing of unnecessary travel, awareness and implementation of hygienic practices and using phone or video calls as a substitute to large conferences and meetings are primarily the objectives we have kept in mind. 

Our primary aim has been to take measures to ensure a working environment that is devoid of interruptions. However, in the long run it is bound to take a toll on people’s psyche. Perpetual confinement coupled with worldwide news of the spreading virus is severely affecting the mental balance of individuals. Every day begins with people finding out about new cases of infections or casualties around the world. That is followed by an anecdote on the upcoming economic crisis. All of this topped with the uncertainty and insecurity within the four walls of a house drastically affects the state of mind of individuals. 

We are concerned about the current stress on our employees and would like to emphasize on maintaining a positive outlook. Incepta is totally focused on building a community where all employees feel a sense of belonging. We are happy to have evolved a work environment where the Incepta family looks forward to daily challenges and work.  All of this have achieved with an effort made to establish an office culture with synchronized minds working collectively. 

A set of diverse minds coming together with a constructive approach leads to both organizational and personal growth. The intellectual wavelengths of a team like this combine hard work and innovation towards producing the best results. 

Thus in the current scenario when the pandemic is gradually gaining such momentum to an extent of creating mass panic across the world, it is this collective attitude that will keep the human mind devoid of all fears and frustrations.

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