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Comprehensive Data Integration and Management Strategy for a Leading Company


Incepta helped plan and develop a 360 degree data management and reporting strategy for a global company which had more than 50 brands under their belt. The strategy included building a complete data warehousing solution, an ETL strategy powered by Informatica along with Business Intelligence and Data Analytics powered by Oracle BI and Microsoft Power BI.

The company was using a variety of different systems and applications to manage their operations which included:
– Oracle JD Edwards central ERP system on the cloud
– Microsoft MDM to manage user accessibility based on roles and departments
– A pricing engine that regulated price variations across brands, customers, geography and other special pricing and promotional strategies
– A Trade and Promotion Management Platform to manage retailer promotions across brands and geography

How Incepta helped develop a Comprehensive Data Storage, Movement and Analytics plan

Incepta successfully developed an end-to-end ETL, Data Warehousing and Business Analytics plan utilizing Informatica to sync data from different ERP, CRM and other database applications with the BI tools on a 24 hr cycle, thus providing the organization a daily view of their entire business with indept analysis on sales patterns, demand fluctuations, product performance, geographical variance on product demand and sales, etc.

In today’s competitive environment being able to assimilate, capture and analyze data quickly provides the real competitive edge.

Comprehensive Data Integration

The Key Benefits an ETL Strategy and DW Capability can bring to an Organization

ETL tools like Informatica are tailored for bulk data movement from multiple disparate data sources and formats and transferring them in batch particularly for situations where complex rules and transformations are needed to merge the data to a Data Warehouse for generating Business Intelligence reports.

A data warehouse maintains a copy of the data from the source systems. This provides the opportunity to:

  1. Maintain data history, even if the source systems have removed the data.
  2. Integrate the data from multiple sources, providing a 360 degree view of the operations in an enterprise. This is particularly valuable when an organization is large and operates multiple product lines across different customer segments.
  3. Improve the data quality, by maintaining consistency. The ETL process manages all the inconsistencies and applies rules to transform the data into a single consistent format.
  4. The ability to merge the data from different sources and present the unified data consistently and quickly enables an organization to stay on top of its competitors.
  5. An ETL process allows the data to be re-structured in a way so that it delivers super fast data query and reporting performance, even for complex analytical queries, without impacting the existing systems.

Incepta delivers ETL and Business Intelligence (BI) services and renders effective DW solutions tailored to address industry-specific BI requirements for organizations. Incepta’s professional BI Development Team helps organizations develop smart DW solutions to enable effective data capturing, cross-linking as well as retrieving from different application systems. The data being is delivered to the data warehouse securely for ETL procedure to enable super fast analysis reports that can enable data-driven business decisions to be taken ahead of others.

Such DW solutions benefit the decision-making process of enterprises in terms of having their vast amount of data managed with data integration so as to facilitate prompt retrieval.

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