Incepta eHealthRMS OPD Case Study

How hospital OPDs can improve care transition and decrease OPD recidivism by 11-17%

How hospital OPDs can improve care transition and decrease OPD recidivism by 11-17%

by | Jun 10, 2020

Re-defining the future of outpatient departments through automation

Explore how an Automated Reminder Management System designed and developed by Incepta for the Healthcare Industry can lead to increased rates of preventive screening tests, decrease OPD recidivism & improve patient safety.

97% of Out Patient Departments in hospitals are unable to follow-up with all patients in a fiscally responsible manner or are losing out on providing ongoing support to all patients during care transitions. This results in low performance grading of both the OPDs as well as the hospitals/medical centers simply due to the lack of proper digital transformation strategy.

The reputation of the hospital is not only at stake, but the entire ideology of objective of providing post care treatments suffer. Incepta’s  eHealthRMS can help establish a process of automated calling system thus contributing to increased digital adoption, performance enhancement and monthly cost savings by a whopping 90%.

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