Transforming Print Media for a Digital World

A case study on leveraging systems integration to increase digital revenue, decrease printing costs, and survive the changing landscape of new media.

Many traditional media businesses are faced with declining revenues year over year. Even with a strong brand name and vintage legacy, organizations must focus their efforts to remain competitive.

Choosing the best technologies and selecting the right partners are key components on the journey to digital transformation success. 

Current Challenges

Established media publishers face major disruptions, largely due to five market trends that are rapidly changing consumption: 



Failure to adopt a digital media strategy can expose businesses to unnecessary risk and average revenue losses of 15-20% each year. 


Path to Digital Integration

By partnering with Incepta, a leading Canadian media corporation was able to improve three key metrics in Q1 of 2020: 





Subscribers with
Digital Access


Community Users


These are the results of adopting MuleSoft and API-led Connectivity. This approach to integration creates a network of interconnected systems that empower the business.


MuleSoft application network and systems integration.



MuleSoft Architecture

Incepta designed and developed the enterprise architecture using MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, implementing a three-layered framework to provide agility and flexibility in connecting systems.




Outcomes and Business Value

✓  Launched paid digital subscription platform to generate revenue from premium news and editorial content

✓   Introduced a single-sign-on solution for automatic user access across all news platforms

✓   Created infrastructure to collect and analyze first party data that will drive the growth of digital advertising revenue

✓   Connected ERP systems and SaaS tools to align activities and reduce the costs of print and flyer advertising


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