API Security Best Practices – MuleSoft Meetup


Incepta Solutions was thrilled to present at the Calgary Virtual MuleSoft Meetup on Tuesday, November 24, 2020. Our lead integration developer, Usha Krishnamoorthy, provided an informative presentation on API Security.

Presentation Overview


In the last 10 years, there has been a substantial increase in API usage. APIs are everywhere, transforming business systems around the world. This rise will continue to accelerate with the further adoption of IoT devices. As more APIs are created, cybersecurity risks and threats must be considered. Data and privacy breaches are major pain points for businesses and IT departments. This presentation discussed why API security is an essential component of an API-led architecture and how to protect the systems within the architecture. Additionally, we explored how to protect our APIs in different deployment topologies of MuleSoft.  


Didn’t get a chance to join the meetup session? No worries! Check out the recording below! 

Technical Speaker Profile

Usha Krishnamoorthy is a Lead Integration Developer at Incepta Solutions. Usha leverages over 8 years of experience in application and integration development. She is an accomplished techno-functional coder/programmer and a project lead. Usha encompasses a multitude of experiences working with MuleSoft and advanced Java technologies across banking and financial, CPG, Aviation, and infrastructure domains. 

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