MuleSoft Catalyst and Accelerator for Banking

MuleSoft Catalyst and Accelerator for Banking

by | Jan 25, 2021


Incepta Solutions was thrilled to present at the Edmonton Virtual MuleSoft Meetup on Thursday, January 21, 2021. One of our expert integration developers, Sunil Jaganathan , provided an informative presentation on API connectivity through MuleSoft Catalyst.

Presentation Overview

MuleSoft Catalyst is an IT operating model developed by MuleSoft to enable customers to adopt API-led connectivity. The critical components of MuleSoft Catalyst include Catalyst Knowledge Hub, Catalyst Mobilize, and Catalyst Accelerators. ‘Accelerator for Banking’ is a set of pre-built API designs and implementations to jumpstart the development of typical use cases in banking applications. We will discuss the integral components of the MuleSoft Catalyst operating model and its recommended adoption methodologies during this meetup session. In addition, we will be extrapolating a case study on Open Banking Platform Strategy and how a market leader in the financial services industry has adopted the MuleSoft Catalyst to transform itself into an open banking-as-a-service platform.


Didn’t get a chance to join the meetup session? No worries! Check out the recording below!

Technical Speaker Profile

Sunil Jaganathan is an Integration Developer at Incepta Solutions, an Information Technology company recently named one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies on the Growth List 2020. Sunil leverages over six years of application and integration development experience. He is a skilled software programmer and obtains expertise working in various integration applications and software development technologies across aviation, retail, and insurance domains.

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