Migration from Adobe LiveCycle to Adobe Experience Manager

Migration from Adobe LiveCycle

Many industries such as financial institutions, governments, telecommunications, and other enterprises use ALV (Adobe LiveCycle) system to automate a broad range of business processes like enrolling clients for services, capturing form and document data, and generate professional documents efficiently. They have successfully integrated Adobe LiveCycle with the back-end processes and implemented security, tracking, and management to maintain compliance. Many enterprises are in the journey of migrating their ALV platform to the next evolution of this product – Adobe Experience Manager.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a complete content management system to create online platforms and other associated applications like mobile apps, paperless forms, and online communities. It makes it easy for marketing professionals to manage all their marketing content and assets under one single platform. Important artistic assets that are needed for marketing success (web, mobile, community) is bestowed and accessible in a single platform. AEM is a faster and easier way to provide customers what they want with user-friendly interfaces and built-in features.

Benefits of Adobe Experience Manager:

  • Single platform to easily build and deliver web applications for desktop, phone, and tablet. Marketing campaigns can be easily started on all platforms at the same time. If a site needs to be in multiple languages and regions, it can be easily managed from one place. Having everything in one place is one of the great benefits of AEM.
  • AEM can easily be incorporated with Adobe Analytics which provides real-time analytics and detailed segmentation across all marketing channels and measure content effectiveness and engagement.
  • Most sites can simply be created and maintained by easy-to-use templates. With minimum AEM experience, it is possible to build pages and content from the user-friendly dashboard.
  • AEM provides multi-site management capabilities. Easy to create a library of user experiences for each page on each platform, a personalization system that makes it simpler to identify and deliver creative content for each user.

In this article, I will try to describe some reasons on why to upgrade Adobe LiveCycle to Experience manager forms.

  • Extraordinary smartphone experiences: Adobe LiveCycle PDF forms work best on desktop and laptops but on smartphones, the user experience is not in the same qualitative level. On the other hand, Adobe experience manager forms allow users to use existing form templates to render responsive forms in the browser perfectly. The adaptive forms featured in AEM help smartphone users to enroll services and access personalized documents anytime.
  • Expedite form-filling experience: AEM includes Adobe LiveCycle features that expedite digital form filling experience. It has new features that reduce keystrokes, improve accessibility, reduce errors, and eliminate the prerequisite to print form.
  • Reuse Adobe LiveCycle apps and forms: Existing Adobe LiveCycle templates and schemas can be leveraged to create form and document versions suitable for mobile users. With a few clicks, anyone can import existing templates and schemas into AEM and can develop adaptive forms.
  • Optimize forms and documents: Adobe LiveCycle process form information and create personalized documents but Adobe experience manager forms are tightly coupled with other Adobe marketing cloud solutions and help measure and optimize all elements.
  • Multichannel experiences: Adobe Experience Manager forms can save information already entered on a particular device and allow the user to continue at a later stage from a different device. AEM forms automatically respond to devices and offer minimal experiences across smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Process of Migration:

  • Convert LiveCycle license to Experience Manager forms License. Adobe Experience Manager forms licenses include all features except document security, which is available as an add-on
  • Organization can perform the technical migration when it is needed
  • Adobe Experience Manager forms can deploy on open service gateway Initiative (OSGI), a Java service platform shared by all Adobe marketing cloud solutions

A. Upgrading from LiveCycle to Adobe Experience Manager Forms on JEE for JBoss Turnkey:

  • Install the AEM Forms on JEE product files.
  • Install a pre-configured JBoss application server (with Apache Tomcat servlet container embedded).
  • Install a pre-configured version of MySQL database server.
  • Start the Configuration Manager.
  • Copy contents of Global Document Storage (GDS) from your previous instance to AEM Forms on JEE server.
  • Configure and assemble the AEM Forms on JEE EAR files.
  • Configure a new CRX repository. If you already have a CRX repository from the previous version, you will have to upgrade the repository manually later.
  • Start the JBoss for Adobe Experience Manager Forms service.
  • Deploy AEM Forms on JEE EAR Files to JBoss.
  • Export and import database content from LiveCycle to AEM
  • Deploy all the required components to JBoss.
  • Configure modules such as PDF Generator, and Acrobat Reader DC extensions.

B. Convert PDF forms to adaptive forms:
First connect AEM instance with AEM Forms Conversion Service, convert PDF forms to adaptive forms. Perform the following steps in the listed order to convert the forms:


AEM is immensely valuable when it combines with other contents, providing a 360 degree view of the customer.
It has enhanced the process by inducing the most important features together in one platform. It can simplify life by connecting all the important functions of digital marketing and content management into one commonplace. We would like to hear about your experience of using AEM forms. Leave us a comment or contact us if you would like to know more about the migration process.

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