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Data Integration Solutions for a Fortune 500 Company

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Client Snapshot 

  • A French company with a prominent global presence, specializing in the production of alcoholic beverages with consolidated sales of over €8 million in FY20
  • Ranked #2 worldwide in wines and spirits, this client is known for having the most comprehensive portfolio in the industry 
  • Extensive product portfolio consists of 16 brands amongst the world’s top 100

The Challenge

The client had an immediate requirement for a Java Developer to implement data management and integration projects within a timely manner on the following 3 pillars:  

1. Planning

The client was launching an advertising campaign and they have created a website called planning, where their employees can create their planning programs and cycles. For example, if a Graphic Designer is required, employees can create a program and allocate budget for the respective program(s). As a result, everything will be calculated on the web application directly for consistency. 

2. Quality Check

Each of the client’s wine work stations has a different kind of machine that is used when an employee signs in or attends their station. It is referred to as Sleever, tri-block. Each machine has a variation of checks including a capsule check, a defect challenge check, a label check, and a production checklist, to name a few. Each check obtains different parameters to evaluate based on the requirements. For each station, there is a house cleaning procedure and managers are required to inspect and determine how well the station is maintained. 

3. Integration of 3 Shopify stores

Incepta Solutions was assigned to integrate:

  • Ungava (Shopify stores) to Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Brancott (Shopify stores) to Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Rabbithole (Shopify stores) to ShipCompliant

The Solution

Let’s dive deep into the technology solutions we have implemented for the client. With the support of our experienced developer team, Incepta Solutions analyzed the business requirements, prepared the design document, and signed off from the functional lead. With approval from the client’s functional lead, our team then proceeded to develop new features and fixed existing features based on the client’s requirements. Next, we committed the code and tested in Dev to ensure the accuracy and success of our work, while cross-referencing with the expected end results. Following the QA testing, we attained the final sign-off by the architect and the functional lead.

Incepta Solutions worked on the incident and extracted the client’s fiscal year report to retrieve all pertinent data required for the project. For both planning and quality check, Incepta Solutions utilized Java GWT and Oracle sql to develop the new functionality of the existing application and to fix the incident.

For planning, we have added new accounts for travel and expense websites. For the quality check, Incepta Solutions implemented new machines called Sleever in Line 08, which consists of check timers, verification checks, application checks, house cleaning, and production checklist features. The comprehensive quality checks for the new machine ensure would ensure that all of the client’s requirements are met. We utilized bitbucket and sourcetree to commit the code and had bamboo set up as a different tool for the CI/CD process.

Last but not least, Incepta Solutions integrated 3 Shopify stores for the client by utilizing existing database-driven features. 2 of the stores were integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, while the remaining Shopify store was integrated with ShipCompliant. We have also updated the default carrier code value for their 6 existing Shopify stores for consistency.
A new dynamic database table was created to communicate with ShipCompliant according to the Shopify store. In the middle, one adaptor was made and this acts as the channel. If there is a new store, the ShipCompliant credential of that store will be stored in the database, and that will be used to communicate directly with ShipCompliant. 

The Results

By partnering with Incepta Solutions, our client was able to add a new machine for their quality check station and more efficiently evaluate their requirements. Furthermore, our solutions enabled the client to fix all critical incidents for the planning and quality check applications (US, Canada). Our ability to swiftly understand and evaluate the needs of our client provided cost-effective solutions, saving valuable time and resources for the client.

Client Testimonial

Thank you for all the awesome work you have done so far. Your efforts and dedication

have helped us to cross a difficult period in terms of work load and resourcing.

I honestly hope to work with you soon again.

Product Manager

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