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Data Management Solution for a Government Agency

Area(s) of Expertise: 


Integration and Data Management

Client Snapshot 

  • A government agency in Canada that regulates industry products and services   
  • Enterprise: 1,000 – 2,500 employees 
  • Provides industry leading options to customers in a socially responsible manner

The Challenges 

As an established government agency, the client was operating on a few legacy systems, some of which had been in place for over 10 years. The main challenge for the client was the inability to integrate all of their high maintenance systems (legacy and new) to streamline their data flow and improve customer service. The client also wanted to integrate their custom applications with their major systems to enable monitoring, governance, and scalability using reusable APIs. Their two biggest sources of data were product data from their CRM system along with order processing and payment information from their ERP system. 

The goal for this project was to improve the scalability and agility of the APIs used to integrate all data in the organization, while establishing a roadmap for the next 4 years.

The Solutions

As a leading expert in integration for the past decade, Incepta Solutions quickly captured and assessed the client’s requirements and organizational capabilities to know exactly where to start. Incepta Solutions developed an integration strategy that would enable the use of scalable APIs to improve the client’s data flow through agile methodology, adaptability, and business alignment. Our team designed the Mule architecture of the client’s platforms and worked closely with their team of architects. The MuleSoft integration strategy would enable Incepta Solutions to securely monitor the APIs and to successfully identify areas of improvement for the organization.

As part of our development process, our team took ownership of the testing process, code fixes, and maintenance to ensure that all APIs are successfully integrated. Following the deployment of the integration strategy, Incepta Solutions continued to provide ongoing support to the client.

The Results

By partnering with Incepta Solutions, our client was able to successfully implement our data management and integration solutions for their organization. Our solution improved the agility and scalability of their data management infrastructure. The efficient governance and secure monitoring of the APIs helped identify performance issues and areas of improvement. Our solutions enabled the client to achieve maximum business value without spending resources on redesigning or developing their existing data warehousing strategy, ERP system, or their CRM tools.  As a result of the work done by our #InceptaInnovators, our client is now better equipped to operate as a B2B and B2C organization. 

With the new data management and integration solution developed by our team, our client saved valuable resources, including time and money, by eliminating the complexity of their legacy systems through seamless integration. This solution will continue to provide ongoing benefits to our client as it is highly flexible and scalable for future growth. 

The client was pleased with the thorough completion of the project as our team exceeded their expectations. We received great feedback and the client is looking forward to working with Incepta Solutions again on future projects.

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