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Cybersecurity Best Practices for Fraud Prevention

Quick question – how well-informed are you on the best practices to avoid cyber fraud in today’s rapidly-evolving digital landscape? If your answer is, “Eh… kind of?” then get ready for some serious food for thought! If your answer is, “Very well informed,” then this would be a great refresher! Either way, we’re confident that you’ve come to the right place to sharpen up your cybersecurity best practices knowledge.

March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada. As an experienced leader in cybersecurity, Incepta Solutions is pleased to share weekly tips on how to be better informed on preventing cyber fraud all month long.

Cybersecurity Best Practices

Here’s a summary of the weekly tips our team of #InceptaInnovators shared on our social media channels.

Tip #1: Hover over questionable links to reveal the URL prior to clicking

We kicked off this initiative with an often overlooked but necessary piece of advice. Today, cyber attacks can wear many different masks, which makes it even more essential to safeguard your business. Whether it’s in an email or if you’re navigating through the web, make sure to hover over any questionable links to reveal the URL before clicking. Secure websites start with a legitimate trust seal “HTTPS” and should never request personal information upon accessing the site.

Tip #2: Implement firewall security for internet connection

As a business encompassing data from numerous sources, your internet connection can act as a vulnerable spot for potentially fraudulent activity. According to a recent 2020 study, 64% of companies have experienced web-based attacks. And this number is increasing among medium to large-sized corporations. We recommend our clients not only configure but also test that the operating system’s firewall is enabled and working properly. A firewall is a set of programs acting as a defensive shield and it prevents outsiders from accessing data on private networks. If you’re not sure where to start, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to direct you on the right cybersecurity path! 

Tip #3: Turn off Bluetooth when it’s not in use or required

Consider the following. Back-to-back meetings. Hands-free calling with clients and stakeholders. Multiple projects competing in priority. Our attention is constantly being pulled in different directions, especially during this work-from-home era. What happens when we forget to turn Bluetooth off? It doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? Well, Bluetooth could potentially be the vehicle for cyber fraud to maneuver through. That’s why we recommend making it a common practice among all employees to turn Bluetooth off immediately when it’s not being used or required. You’ll thank us later!

Tip #4: Practice cyberattack drills with your employees

Cybersecurity should never be an afterthought. Not today. Not tomorrow. While having a plan is a good start on the cybersecurity journey, it’s recommended to also deploy cyberattack drills for your employees to implement a routine set of protocols and procedures for team members on all organizational levels. What’s the standard practice when we receive a phishing email that masks one of our team members? Who do we speak to if there’s a potential breach of documents? Answering these questions through cyberattack drills will equip your employees with knowledge, agility, and familiarity on how to handle any potential cyber-attacks in the future. You know what they say, practice makes perfect and repeatable action produces consistency.

The bottom line

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated by the day. But we can say not today (or any day) to them!

Be equipped to combat these sneaky threats, in any form they can take. How? Make sure to hover over any questionable links, implement firewall security for the internet connection, turn off Bluetooth when not in use, and practice cyberattack drills with your employees. These are the 4 main tips we shared on our social media channels during Fraud Prevention Month in March. With a diverse set of businesses impacted by cyber threats, where does your organization stand in your cybersecurity journey? 

Incepta Solutions is on your side 

Tell us where we can bridge the cybersecurity gap for your organization, whether they are grey areas or immediate concerns. With over a decade of proven results as a cybersecurity leader, Incepta Solutions enables businesses to secure their systems by detecting vulnerabilities in applications using comprehensive testing methods throughout the development life cycle.

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