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Why it’s important to backup your data

“I love losing my files” – says no one ever.

At Incepta Solutions, we are comprised of a trusted, experienced, and approachable team of developers who make data management easy for our clients. That is why on World Backup Day (March 31), our team of #InceptaInnovators are excited to share some of the ways you can backup your data and how Incepta plays an integral role in data management for our clients.

What is data backup?

Let’s back it up and start with defining the term: backup (or also referred to as data backup).

In the digital landscape of information technology, a data backup is a digital copy of computer data that is extracted and stored safely on another computer system (or platform), so that it can be used to restore the original in the event of data loss or data tampering.

Types of backup

Although data backup is increasingly diversifying into many different forms, the common types of backup are:

  • Full backup
    This is where every single file and folder in the company’s system is backed up. Yes, this typically requires more time and space compared to the other types of data backups. However, the benefit of this type of backup is that the process of restoring any lost data is faster and more convenient.
  • Incremental backup
    The second common type of data backup is incremental backup, where only the initial backup is a full one and any subsequent backups only store changes made since the previous backup.
  • Differential backup
    Differential backup is similar to incremental backup the first time it is performed. It will copy all data changed from the previous backup.
  • Mirror backup
    As the name implies, mirror backup is when you make an extra copy of the source data. In contrary to the full backup, incremental backup, and differential backup, the benefit of mirror backup is that you’re not storing old, obsolete, and outdated documents. When obsolete files are deleted, they no longer exist in the mirror backup. As you can imagine, the disadvantage of the mirror backup is that if files end up being accidentally deleted or modified, they can be lost from the backup if the deletion goes undiscovered prior to the next backup.

    The importance of backing up your data

  • Data security
    Backups maintain the safety and security of important files, as they act as a fallback line of defense against data loss. If you would like to take it one step further, encrypting the backup file or the storage media can also be implemented for an added layer of security. Data can increase in its complexity and touchpoints, so deploying a set up of backups for your business can be helpful in any potential data loss. You never know when you will experience data loss, so it’s always best to not have data security only as an afterthought and to have some backup plans in place. 
  • Ease of recovery
    With files being shared through the cloud or documents being sent back and forth through emails, having the ability to restore an original file is helpful for employees on all organizational levels. Backing up your data is the most reliable, easiest, and the safest way to restore lost files after data loss. A regular backup can restore up to 100% files, without much effort or disruption in the workflow. 
  • Peace of mind
    That is a great segue into the next reason why you should backup your data. When you take regular backups or automate the backup tasks, it gives you a sense of peace, knowing that there is a safety net should anything derails from the tracks. 
  • Protects the business
    Whether it’s a small business or an enterprise, data is one of the most valuable assets for any organization. A study presents that 62% of businesses can’t survive up to 6 months after data loss. As businesses work towards recovering from the adverse impact of COVID-19, don’t let data loss be an added distraction. 
  • Saves money, time, and other resources
    Backups save a significant amount of resources that would otherwise be required to spend on restoring the lost data. By implementing a thorough set of backups and a regular routine, the restoration process becomes easier and takes the heavy lifting off of your employees. 
  • Focus on the things that matter most  

    Overall, having data backups will allow you and your employees to spend less time worrying about the protection of your data and more time focus on what matters most – the success and growth of your business.

Turn data into a competitive advantage

In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, being able to assimilate, capture and analyze data quickly provides a competitive advantage. Incepta Solutions can plan and develop a complete data warehousing solution, an ETL strategy powered by Informatica along with Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. We use the power of data management solutions to enable effective data capturing, cross-linking, and retrieving from different application systems to drive businesses forward.

Proactively safeguard your files, images, and media from data loss. Not sure where to start?

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