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The four proven benefits of Customer 360

Let’s talk about customers in 2021.

In today’s rapidly-evolving marketplace and the need for digitization, businesses must adapt faster (and more efficiently) than ever.

Add in the growing space of e-Commerce to the mix, and we have an era where customers are overwhelmed with options on various digital channels, all competing for attention.
Did you know that the average customer shopping journey for a vehicle can have up to 900 digital interactions?

Why is this the case?
Well, it’s because customer journeys go beyond simply what’s on the surface, enveloped with multiple layers of complexity.
Marketers and sales professionals eat, live, and breathe this concept. From awareness stage to decision stage in the customer buying journey, customers engage in research, compare reference points, and assess product benefits until they finally decide on the item to purchase. This “picky behavior” is what makes us humans after all, right?
So how can we obtain more granular insights on how humans function in the customer buying journey? With advancement in technology births new tools. Many businesses are establishing Customer 360 degree views and reaping the benefits that this holistic representation presents. If you haven’t developed your Customer 360 strategy yet, it’s not too late to start.
Whether your business industry is Healthcare, Finance, Telecommunications, or Retail, there’s a plethora of data waiting to be discovered (and dissected) as more customers “go online” to shop. 

Here are four key benefits for implementing a Customer 360 degree view:

1. Provide more personalized shopping experiences, directly to segmented customers

According to a Q1 – 2021 customer service survey, 72% of customers expect connected experiences where their preferences are known across multiple touchpoints.

And needless to say, we all want a personalized shopping experience that caters to our buying habits, product preferences, ideal steps of purchase, and payment methods.

Let’s start with a fundamental benefit.

Businesses are leveraging Customer 360 degree views for the ability to curate and deliver more personalized shopping experiences. From small businesses to enterprises, aggregated data can support the organization to provide customers with more personalized experiences during their lifetime shopping journey. For example, if a telecommunications company has insights on routine purchasing trends of a customer, that company can send personalized promotional emails on specific products that may interest the customer.

2. Launch strategic marketing and sales campaigns

That brings us to our next point. In recent years, we have continued to observe a closer and more definitive alignment between marketing and sales. Some would argue that marketing and sales fit together like gloves to hands.

When you introduce a Customer 360 degree view, a key benefit is the ability to extend the output from marketing and sales teams of the business. Marketing and sales teams can avoid departmental silo, strengthen alignment, while creating more strategic campaigns with the data available at their disposable. This would enable teams to set more specific S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) and ensure that the ROI of marketing and sales campaigns can be justified.

3. Garner a clearer understanding of the current and future behaviors of customers

If it’s one thing that we have learned during COVID-19, it’s that businesses must remain innovative, adaptable, and resilient when navigating shifts in the way we operate.

As physical distancing and working from home will continue to become the norm for 2021, it’s more important than ever to gain familiarity on how your customers will behave in the future. What trends will shape their buying habits? How will they react to price discounts and premiums? What are new and untapped tastes and preferences in the market?

Customer interactions would expand beyond a brick and mortar experience, as customers expect an omni-channel experience where they can dive into digital and get the right information, at the right time. This is where a Customer 360 degree view plays an integral part. With a Customer 360 degree view, businesses can have a clearer, more precise understanding of customers. Not sure where to start? Contact us to learn more about the first steps and how to steer the ship forward.

4. Improve the bottom line 

At the end of the day, businesses are continuously looking for innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition, drive revenue, and ultimately, increase their bottom line. With a Customer 360 degree view, business teams can enhance their productivity, making it easier to gain visibility of customer segments and to seamlessly connect the dots between various systems and cross-functional departments, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Supply Chain, and Business Operations. Businesses can position themselves to reduce costs and time, with a Customer 360 degree view taking the guesswork out of daily customer touchpoints. This way, businesses can focus on what matters most: delighting their customers and achieving growth milestones.


Where Incepta Solutions enters the picture

Incepta Solutions develops Customer 360 strategies for businesses that bridge the gap between data throughout an entire organization. Our strategies enable your business to deliver integrated customer engagement with consumer-scale data management by incorporating MuleSoft functionality.

Customer Experience

Incepta Solutions understands that customer experience is the key to success in today’s business world. Businesses that operate on small or large scales often deal with many different customers. A Customer 360 driven solution can enable your business to have a better understanding of your customer journey. It is important to understand each step that a customer takes along their journey in order to offer the best customer experience.

Data Driven Culture

At Incepta Solutions, we know that large businesses often have vast amounts of data coming from different sources that can be difficult to track and analyze. With a Salesforce Customer 360 data driven strategy, Incepta Solutions can take your organization to the next level. Your business will be able to take advantage of structured data management to achieve new growth opportunities. A data driven strategy offers increased efficiency and improved performance by enabling successful marketing campaigns rooted in powerful analytics.

What We Offer

Incepta Solutions can transform your entire business in just 6-8 weeks with support of our strategic team of experienced technology service providers. At Incepta Solutions, we put the client first to ensure that your Customer 360 strategy enables your business to continue growing. We plan and develop strategies for every stage of the customer journey, no matter how big or small your business is. To get started, click the button below to schedule a consultation today

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