How Incepta Solutions Successfully Developed Scalable e-Commerce Integration Solutions for a Leading Global Company


Incepta Solutions developed and deployed scalable e-Commerce integration solutions for a Fortune 500 company with more than 50 brands and over 500 products in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. The client required seamless integration of transactions, functions, and data across all of their brands and products. The solution had to adapt to different fulfillment types and be highly scalable for continued future growth.         

Incepta Solutions exceeded our client’s expectations by delivering an integration solution built on industry-leading integration technology within three months.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for businesses when developing a successful e-Commerce integration solution is managing large amounts of data from various types, channels, and sources. This data includes:

  • Types: customer behaviours, social personas, buyer personas, transactions
  • Sources: marketing, e-Commerce store, fulfillment application, logistics, CRM
  • Channels: social networks, cloud, on-premise

In today’s competitive landscape, being able to quickly capture, analyze, and integrate structured or unstructured data produces a competitive edge.

Our Approach

At Incepta Solutions, we recognize the importance of choosing the right integration platform solution to empower and evolve your business when developing e-Commerce strategy. It is also critical to consider the security of the integration platform in all areas and stages of development, deployment, and continuous improvement. Our multi-layered approach to API integration loosely couples the user experience, core processing, and systems connectivity elements. As a result, this facilitates swapping or plug and play capabilities for different user devices, backend systems, and technologies. As a result of minimal interdependency between systems, our integration platform solution offers businesses with a flexible, reusable, and scalable solution without starting from scratch every time.


By partnering with Incepta Solutions, this leading global company was able to achieve their goal of a scalable e-Commerce integration solution for their business needs. Our solution offered:

  • A flexible design that is easily reusable across all brands and channels
  • Integrated data that provides a 360-degree view of the enterprise, including multiple product lines across different customer segments
  • Improved data quality by maintaining consistency
  • The ability to merge data from different sources and present the unified data consistently to enable the organization to stay on top of competitors
  • Highly secured platform infrastructure at every stage of development that applies to all business levels

In today’s competitive landscape, being able to quickly capture, analyze, and integrate structured or unstructured data produces a competitive edge.

About Incepta Solutions

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