What is Anypoint Runtime Fabric and why to use it to deploy Mules

The fastest and easiest way to deploy Mule runtimes to your cloud: Anypoint Runtime Fabric. But let’s first understand what is MulesSoft Anypoint Platform and Anypoint Runtime Fabric.

What is MuleSoft Anypoint Platform?

Anypoint Platform is an advanced enterprise platform for designing, developing, and managing APIs and integrations. It is a single product and can be deployed anywhere like on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment – to reliably address both small-scale and mission-critical use cases.


What is Anypoint Runtime Fabric?

Anypoint Runtime Fabric is a container service for multi-cloud deployments. Anypoint Runtime Fabric makes it easier for users to deploy Mule applications and APIs to their managed infrastructure whether it’s in their private IaaS (Microsoft Azure or AWS) or on-premises data centers. Users can flexibly deploy APIs and integrations to third-party clouds while maintaining centralized control through MuleSoft-hosted management and development environments.

Anypoint Runtime Fabric offers:

  • Multi-cloud support: Deploy Mule runtimes consistently across Microsoft Azure, AWS, VMs, and bare metal
  • Docker and Kubernetes built-in: No teams are required to support or maintain orchestration and automation
  • Benefits of the cloud and on-premises environments: Isolate applications, deploy multiple runtime versions in the same Anypoint Runtime Fabric, scale horizontally, and redeploy with zero downtime
  • Unified management: Easily manage deployments in multiple clouds, all from Anypoint Platform’s cloud-based control plane, hosted by MuleSoft



Anytime Runtime Fabric Diagram

Why not the do-it-yourself model and use Anypoint Runtime Fabric instead?

“Doing-it-Yourself” involves more man-hours, time, and manual processes which significantly involves more resources and might not be very cost-effective to the company. Whereas, Anypoint Runtime Fabric can be implemented much faster by using the out-of-the-box components.

Some capabilities that include the out-of-the-box components are:

  • Increased reliability through isolation between applications
  • Horizontal scaling
  • Registration of Mule applications and APIs with Mulesoft managed control plane out-of-the-box
  • Zero down-time application re-deployments
  • Patch management


Reference: https://blogs.mulesoft.com/dev-guides/how-to-tutorials/anypoint-runtime-fabric/


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