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Nationwide Appraisal Services expands at fraction of resources


With the help of integration services and MuleSoft API-led connectivity architecture, Incepta Solutions was able to provide one of its clients an integrated solution that automated their appraisal processes and helped them extend their services to new geographical areas at a lesser time and cost. The client is Canada’s premier appraisal management company and most comprehensive source for real estate valuations. They work closely with banks, lenders and all kinds of cooperative financial distributions to appraise the properties that get sold.

The Challenge 

The client is already working with major leading Canadian banks for the majority of real estate appraisals where they have already automated the integration between banks and AMS.

Nationwide Appraisal Services (NAS) was appraising the technologies it needed to facilitate its future-state architecture.

They wanted to launch their services in new geographical markets in the US -around the Florida, Texas area where they wanted to partner with Black Night, a lending platform, so as to receive automatic requests for appraisals from lenders. As the appraisal processes are different in different countries, they needed to integrate CNX (Conexxions) into all major LOS systems (Black Night).

Black Night: Black Night is a lending platform for people in the US where lots of lenders come and sell their services, providing the best value and aggregating different services, one of which is the appraisal services where our client was the new partner.

At Incepta Solutions, we recognize the importance of choosing the right integration platform solution towards the development of mission-critical strategy.  Incepta identified the integration opportunity, architected the technical solution, and directed NAS to MuleSoft. 

Incepta’s Innovative Solution

  • We integrated Real EC Software by using MuleSoft API-led connectivity architecture.
  • We exposed CNX’s existing capabilities by submitting an order – updating an appraisal order; adding pictures to the appraisal order and managing disputes.
  • We used MuleSoft’s API-led architecture to create and automate APIs that fit the Real EC software requirements so that Real EC can submit appraisal requests to NAS/CNX and get real-time live updates.

Solutions and Results 

By partnering with Incepta Solutions, our client was able to make its Connexions appraisal management tool accessible to lenders, banks, and credit unions. Incepta delivered this integration with the mapping of 2,200 data fields, processing of 320 business logic rules, development of 54 APIs, and connectivity of 6 enterprise systems, within four months.

Now, NAS is positioned to be the market leader in valuation solutions, conducting more valuations than any competitor, with integration at the core of its ongoing digital transformation.

As Payam Taslami, MuleSoft AE, NAS, says,

“The Incepta team was able to quickly engage and provide a project road map to meet an aggressive timeline while simultaneously building out a long term vision that secured the investment in MuleSoft .”


Conclusion: The #InceptaImpact

Incepta Solutions was informed that we had exceeded our client’s expectations through our delivery of an integration solution built on industry-leading integration technology. This yielded proven results of saving money, time, and resources for the client. The client now has been able to launch its services extremely faster in new geography they wanted to grow. Typically in the traditional way, this growth and expansion can take at least 36 weeks whereas in this case, they were able to achieve their goal in 12 weeks which eventually saved at least 3 to 4 times their original anticipated cost.

Before After
  • Launch time in new geographical areas: 36 weeks
  • Launch time in new geographical areas: 12 weeks
  • Involved high cost
  • 3 times lesser cost

When clients win by leveraging our innovative technology solutions, that’s the #InceptaImpact.

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