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Redefining Safety & Security Management in the Construction Industry

Redefining the safety and security management


Incepta Solutions helped one of Canada’s largest media and communication service providers connect their smart construction portal with various construction-focused smart devices using our SmartConnect platform.

About the client

Our client, a Canadian communications and media company with a significant interest in rolling out 5G and fiber network connectivity in large-scale construction projects, is in the process of pioneering the ways IoT(Internet of Things) technologies can be applied in smart building construction projects.


  • Construction sites are not usually monitored properly for air quality, occupancy, humidity, and security hazards.
  • Lack of controlled surveillance in the construction area is a serious security threat as it is unattended and unguarded during times when there are no operations. As per research, the Ontario Provincial Police estimates that $15-$20 million worth of equipment is stolen from construction sites in Ontario per year.
  • The ask was to mitigate the risk by providing live surveillance which would enhance the site’s security and prevent any unforeseen damages and costs.

Incepta’s Solution:

Using Incepta’s SmartConnect platform, we were able to provide an API-driven solution to this challenge that connected multiple IoT devices and laid a foundation for real-time notifications, data storage, data sharing, and analytics of all sensory and device data from the construction site. 

To enrich proactive monitoring of the construction site, Incepta’s SmartConnect Platform was able to integrate temperature,  humidity, and motion sensor devices installed all across the construction site. The integration allowed us to send real-time notifications to the construction management team. Our solution could continuously track the environmental conditions and patterns like air quality, humidity, temperature, and air pressure as per the safety standard guidelines. Any unconditional metrics triggered rule-based notifications to the right people at the right time and enabled them to make informed decisions faster.

Incepta partnered with Swidget and Synnapex to develop the solution for this project. We sincerely thank them for their immense support.

What is Incepta SmartConnect Platform?

SmartConnect is a connectivity solution built on the Gartner recommended MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform for smart construction, smart building, and smart hospital industries. Our solution enables integration with various systems and IoT devices up to 5 times faster than what a traditional integration would take. It connects and collects data, provides alerts, insights, and recommendations on commercial and residential building complexes. It leverages the full potential of transformative technologies such as 5G, AI, and IoT that can revolutionize smart energy management, including lighting, power supply, smart meters, HVAC, and wireless power.

Why use Incepta’s Smart Connect Platform?

  • Connect systems 5 times faster
  • Lower maintenance costs up to 66%
  • Deliver projects up to 4 times faster
  • Drive consumption, reuse, and consistency of digital assets
  • Integrate IoT and big data platforms 60% faster
  • Change data sources easily

Solutions and Results:

By partnering with Incepta Solutions, our clients would be able to save on cost and resources by deploying live security and safety solutions at their construction projects. 

  • With our solution deployed, customers could save up to $100K per year per construction project by simply utilizing less human surveillance at the site.
  • With Incepta’s preventive safety measures, our customers could avoid millions of dollars worth of theft and associated project delays and insurance costs.
  • Our customers would be able to prevent issues like unsolicited intrusion and vandalism that cause severe interruption to project progress. 


At Incepta Solutions, we would like to help companies in the real estate, construction, and healthcare industries with their growing pain and challenges around proactive monitoring and management.

Well, contact us to learn how Incepta Solutions can help with building a technology-enabled real estate infrastructure of the future!

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