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Initiatives for a better work life balance while working from home

Work life balance

Welcome to life at Incepta. At Incepta Solutions, a certified Great Place to Work, we care for our employees and provide them with a work environment that makes them comfortable and productive. 

As our managing partner, Ishtiaq Ahmed, says,

“We want everyone to feel like they are part of the Incepta family. Through hills and valleys, when we combine our efforts and work together as one powerful force, we are unstoppable.”

At Incepta, we help our employees achieve a work-life balance by providing them with work-from-home opportunities and flexible working hours. We believe that a strong work-life balance for all employees allows us to maintain a high level of productivity while still enjoying quality time with family and friends. 

We interviewed a few of our employees and management, who helped us to arrive at the below pros and cons of working from home:

Pros Cons
  • Reduces anxiety of getting infections by staying at home
  • Increase productivity with better attention span and less frequent interruptions
  • Ability to schedule flexible meetings back to back
  • Saves time in work-transit
  • Available for the family when needed
  • Sometimes leads to work beyond office hours
  • Social interaction and engagement is missing with colleagues
  • Less flexibility in impromptu face to face meetings

Based on the above, we have introduced a few benefits that would help our employees be their best while working from home.

Personal Health Days We understand this year has been difficult due to COVID-19 anxiety, work from home, and less in-person interaction. Thus, we have introduced new leaves as personal health days to provide our #InceptaInnovators with a much-needed break. A day off provides a much-needed break to pause, regroup, and come back with greater levels of energy and a fresh, less-stressed perspective.

Birthdays OffCelebrate your birthday! We’re so glad to offer an extra day off work to our #InceptaInnovators on their birthday. This leave applies to all employees irrespective of their tenure with the company.

Summer Hours We are very flexible when it comes to work hours and encourage everyone in Incepta Solutions to leave work early at 12 pm on Friday during the Summers (June to August) by participating in Incepta summer hours. All employees have the option to leave work early on Friday starting June 2021 to August 2021. This simply requires adjusting the hours on other working days so that they can leave early on Friday and enjoy the sunny weather with family.

Health & Wellness Incepta Solutions has been active in promoting health and wellness for all employees. We offer monthly sessions on wellness such as stretching exercises, meditation, and Zumba.

Here’s a fun video our #InceptaInnovators put together to showcase how they are creating a work-life balance with the work-from-home initiatives.

Learn from what our #InceptaInnovators have to say,

WFH is great, just make sure you balance your personal life with work life because you can get caught up both, however, I love the time to commute is saved and being there for my family is fantastic.

–   Rick Bolt, Director of Sales

“WFH has many benefits that allow me to have time flexibility to put my efforts in focus on things to be done and I find it easier to work that way.”

Bob Cariglia, VP of Sales

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