scalable API-led eCommerce

How Incepta Solutions developed an integrated and scalable API-led e-Commerce solution for a leading global company

      • Integrated e-Commerce platform
      • Automated data entry
      • Scalable CRM
      • Global migration

Our client, one of the world’s leading international tobacco companies, was looking for an integrated e-Commerce solution to move from a monolith system to an easy-to-scale distributed system that can be migrated globally. They were looking for an automated data flow between their back-end and front-end applications allowing them to connect and manage seamlessly with an API-led connectivity.

      • Globally active in 180 countries
      • 39 production facilities globally

They are headquartered in New York City, operating globally in more than 180 countries, with over 39 production facilities. They have a major division in Canada with a staff of almost 800+ across the country. 

      • Outdated e-Commerce enterprise solution
      • Non-scalable integration platform
      • Manual data entry, slow processes

The Canadian division of the client was using a legacy e-Commerce solution for its business operations that was outdated, costly to maintain, and not flexible to meet customer needs.

They were paying subscription fees which had a very limited capacity and were not scalable to be replicated across the diversified market.

They were heavily relying on manual processes to rekeying information from eCommerce to backend SAP systems and logistic systems which involved excessive work hours, high cost, and resources.


Incepta Solutions came up with this mission-critical solution of workflow automation, data exchange, and integration processes between SAP and e-Commerce salesforce platforms leveraging the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). We used Mule ESB to integrate those platforms and applications together by connecting them through APIs.

With this solution, the client was able to amplify the processing time of data to just a few minutes from hours of manual work. Using scalable Mulesoft technology, they were able to migrate the whole automation and integration strategy globally. 

  • Customers enter orders in the Salesforce eCommerce platform.
  • The ESB consolidates all the info and sends it to the back-end systems SAP.
  • SAP system accepts the order, arranges the shipment, generates the invoice, and sends it back to the eCommerce site using the Mulesoft Integration platform.


  • With a common API-led integration platform in place, Incepta Solutions was able to streamline and automate the end-to-end process of order fulfillment that reduced the manual processing time by 500 manual hours on an average per year for each center. 
  • The Mulesoft integration in Canada was migrated globally 4x times faster so now they have a common CRM globally.
  • 99% uptime to thousands of transactions that ensured no loss in revenue during peak season.
  • The entire global process was completed in just 6 months.

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