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Appraisal Management System for a bank in Central America

Real-State Management Services

      • New market expansion
      • Automated appraisal portal
      • Global migration

Our client, an industry leader in North American real-estate appraisal management services is working with major Canadian banks for the majority of real estate appraisals where they have already automated the integration between the bank’s lending platform and their Appraisal Management System (AMS). 

Similarly, they were looking to extend their services to new geographical areas in Central America through an integrated solution that can make them flexible for the new challenges

      • Globally active in more than 18 countries
      • Canada’s premier appraisal management company

Our client, Nationwide Appraisal Services, provides a customizable solution that integrates lender-specific business rules throughout the real estate valuation process creating a consistent application of lending criteria that simplifies processes for Lenders, Insurers, and Mortgage Professionals. Their innovation and experience have pioneered the way the mortgage industry values real estate property today.

      • Establish automated appraisal management system in Central America
      • Non-standardized processes for data collection
      • Manual data entry, slow processes

Our client found the absence of an automated appraisal system that could be easily replicated for various banks in Central America.

The system involved multiple non-standardized processes for data collection for demographic and financial information increasing the complexity of the process.

The appraisal process involved a lot of manual entries that were more prone to errors and were time-consuming.

  • We at Incepta Solutions simplified the due diligence processes which put both lenders and appraisers in better positions to compete in an industry known for its intricacy.
  • Using MuleSoft API-led connectivity architecture, Incepta Solutions created a single API that connected the Nationwide Appraisal Services portal to the bank’s portal.
  • Digitally integrated the client’s existing appraisal system by submitting an order, updating an appraisal order, merging different types of data, and managing disputes.
  • Created a scalable low-code/no-code system that can submit appraisal requests to NAS and get real-time live updates.

By partnering with Incepta Solutions, our client was able to make it’s notification appraisal management tool accessible to lenders, banks, and credit unions. Incepta delivered this integration with the mapping of 200 data fields, and connectivity of 8 enterprise systems, within four months at one-third the cost.

Now, NAS is positioned to be the market leader in valuation solutions, conducting more valuations than any competitor, with integration at the core of its ongoing digital transformation.

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