Incepta Solutions launches Incepta BackTogether – a one-stop solution to track and monitor your return to work!

Toronto, September 23, 2021

Incepta Solutions Inc., a leader in the integration and automation consulting services serving enterprises and Fortune 500 companies, is excited to launch its new application, Incepta BackTogether, to equip the offices with new tools and processes that ensure employees’ health and safety in the pandemic world.

Incepta BackTogether is a COVID-19 office management solution designed for keeping the workplace and the workers safe in any organization. It is a rapid, low-cost technology solution to virtually screen your employees before bringing them back to the office after the lockdown.

The application’s integrated features enable your organization to:

    • Scale the identification of employees able to return to work safely or to keep at home.
    • Prioritize employees to return to work based on health status.
    • Minimize the overall risk of business disruption accelerating productivity by keeping a healthy workplace.

As the world enters into a new normal and offices gradually open up, this app is a one-stop solution to track and monitor return to work and in turn, make this transition easy and smooth for organizations.

Few ways in which this application makes this a possibility are:

    • Employees can upload their daily temperature and vaccine status to keep a track of their symptoms and let the employers know that they are eligible to enter the workplace.
    • Employees can book their workspace based on availability beforehand through the application.
    • Employers can manage the workspace occupancy as per the guidelines by limiting office slots as needed.
    • Employers can check the live dashboard with updated employee profiles and vaccination statuses for better understanding, monitoring, and decision-making.

“As offices open up, we want everyone to be safe. With Incepta BackTogether, we create a hybrid workspace that is alert, informed, and monitored for COVID-19 protocols. Going back to work need not be a dream again for us or for anyone.”

– Ishtiaq Ahmed, Managing Partner, Incepta Solutions



CONTACT US to find out how you can shorten your workforce’s return to work process safely and at a minimal cost.

Visit our  Incepta BackTogether to know more about the the application.

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