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IoT in the world of sustainability and smart technology

IoT in Sustainability and Smart Technology

The revolutionary Internet of Things (IoT) has taken the technology world by storm for many good reasons with its analytics, digitization, and automation capabilities. One of them is definitely it’s role in creating a world that is more sustainable and green. This “green” mindset is driving most of the producers and consumers to supply and demand services/products that are smart and efficient but above all aid in reducing carbon footprint. 

“IoT tech saves 8 times more energy!

Smart Energy Management

Sustainable development demands responsible energy consumption in every new technology that is being invented today. Nowadays,  consumers are in favor of supporting innovations that contribute towards a greener world. IoT with its smart technology has paved the way for buildings, appliances, and energy systems to synchronize, optimize energy flows and reduce emissions. It can help the energy sector to transform from a centralized to a distributed, smart, and integrated energy system.

It has 3 parts that make it energy efficient:

  • Sensors: The sensors are the most vital component of the IoT systems as they collect information from their environment. Example: IoT sensors keep checking the air pressure and temperature in a construction site.
  • Connectivity: The information collected by sensors is sent to the cloud by some form of connectivity and it is processed to understand if everything is within expectations and if not raise an alert.  Example: The temperature checked by sensors is sent to the cloud for recording and analysis.
  • User Interface: The user is notified about the status and conditions which enables them to take decisions. Example: The management is instantly notified if the temperature and pressure are out of range in the pre-construction site.

“Save unnecessary energy consumption and measure carbon consumption plus waste by providing the right information at the right time.”

Here are a few innovations that have led to this Smart Energy Movement in the IoT world:

  • Smart Meters – Helps in keeping the electricity consumption in check by providing frequent reports on consumption and peak demand usage data. They are excellent for sustainability goals to gain more control over energy usage, either by altering usage habits or pinpointing issues related to power quality.
  • Smart Lighting and HVAC –  With the majority of any building energy consumption being attributed to lighting and HVAC, IoT solutions play a major role in reducing the cost by using motion sensors that dim lights when they don’t detect anyone in the area. 

According to Gartner, energy savings of up to 50% have been well-documented in many installations of smart lighting.

  • Air Quality/Humidity/Temperature Monitoring – It’s important to have IoT devices to keep track of environmental conditions like air quality, humidity, temperature to record the data and effectively monitor which prevents unforeseen risks, damages, accidents and saves some costs and energy.

Reduce Co2 emission

In today’s world, IoT also plays a very crucial role in reducing the carbon footprint with reduced co2 emissions. With a few of the below efforts, major cities can reduce more than half their emissions of carbon dioxide:

  • transition energy grids to be powered by renewable sources like wind and solar power through smart metering and forecasting
  • the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources
  • monitor and create rechargeable vehicles

Industries that can bring this IoT revolution

The use of the above IoT solutions and smart devices for a sustainable world can be used for diverse industries majority of which are not limited to:

  • Smart Building and Construction
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Hospital and Healthcare Infrastructure
  • Warehouse and Logistics

83% of organizations have improved their efficiency by introducing IoT technology”

Veora, a fully managed IoT platform solution developed by Incepta Solutions based on the Mulesoft Anypoint platform, leverages the full potential of transformative technologies such as 5G, and AI, to revolutionize smart energy management in such areas as lighting, power supply, smart meters, HVAC, and wireless power.

At Incepta Solutions, we would like to help companies in the real estate, construction, and healthcare industries with their growing pain and challenges around proactive monitoring and management.

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