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HR Process Automation to finding interview slots

Why HR Process automation is needed?

        • Data-driven decision making
        • Quick processing and data sharing
        • Better employee-turnover
        • Minimal manual and repetitive tasks
        • Save time and money

In every organisation, HR teams have to deal with several tasks that are repetitive, and yet need constant attention. Constantly, having to juggle several tasks and responsibilities at once, may lead to reduced efficiency and productivity. 

Time is money and with some automated tasks, the HR team can save some time that they can utilize for more productive tasks.

Let’s dive into a simple HRtech usecase using Workato that can showcase how automation can scale up some of the daily tasks of our HR teams.

      • Manually submitting requests
      • Slow, tedious and repetitive tasks
      • Slow response time 
      • More prone to errors
      • Lack of integration between apps

Candidates interview scheduling is one of the most fundamental tasks of the HR department and can be a tedious, chaotic manual process without any automated processes.

The HR team had to look for available dates to schedule interviews in the calendar manually which might be monotonous and time-consuming.

The process is also very error-prone, especially when dealing with a high volume of candidates and positions. 

Then they have to manually and separately work on apps like zoom, slack, docusign etc for sending emails, messages that increase the processing time.

      • Workato recipe to automate the process of finding the available slots
      • Stress-test the recipe to optimize the response time
      • Build APIs that can be integrated with other apps

The HRTech Candidate Interview Scheduling Recipe

Steps of getting automated interview schedules:

  • Specify a number of specific days from which to find the available slots. For example, if one needs to get all the available slots within the next 2 days, he/she needs to give the number 2.
  • Specify the google calendar id (which is basically the Gmail address) of the interviewer
  • Give the length of the slots in minutes (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes etc.) which will basically indicate the interview length
  • Run the recipes for getting available slots on the given number of days in the calendar of the interviewer.

Results achieved through HR Process Automation:

  • 70% workload saved
  • Response time was reduced to a few seconds
  • Interview slots automated
  • Easily scalable to integrate more applications

Prior to the HRTech Recipe, the HR manager spent 10-15 mins trying to find available slots for candidates interviews which was reduced to 1-2 seconds as the process was automated. 

Using APIs to make requests, the process was simplified for HR personnels to make requests and receive the desired outcome.

With the rigorous stress-testing of the recipe, the response time was optimized to seconds instead of minutes which reduced the workaround time to 70%.

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