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How to Invest in Your Data now more than ever!

Data Management

Data Management is transformational for any business today especially with the hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The key is how to adapt and respond to change faster and more effectively by managing your master data as it is the perfect single source of truth to support business processes.

Master Data is the perfect single source of truth to support business processes!

Challenge: The challenge lies in the fact that data is being generated from a variety of sources and is being stored in different systems, formats, and structures that have no correlation to each other. The larger an organization grows, the bigger and wider the data becomes. Accumulating all the data from the different sources can take days, if not weeks before any meaningful report can be generated. Businesses that can reach out to its customer faster and with accurate data would stay ahead of the competition.

It has become more important than ever before that companies invest in data management, warehousing, and business intelligence reporting because they are the key ingredients to produce meaningful insights which lead to better decision making.

The first step in data management is to identify and document the sources of data. Once you know where your data is coming from, you can start to think about how to collect it, store it, and protect it. You’ll also need to have a plan for analyzing and using the data. 

What Does Data Management Do For Organization

Data Management Benefits:

  • Organizes data for easier access and use
  • Enables timely decision making
  • Gives insight on how to improve business processes
  • Helps inform strategy and future projects

How to Invest in Data Management

There are several things organizations can do to invest in data management. Here are a few tips:

1. Assess your needs and make a plan 

Before you can invest in data management, you need to understand what your needs are. What kind of data do you have? How much data is there? What kind of analysis do you need to do? What are your goals? Once you have a clear understanding of your needs, you can develop a plan for collecting, storing, and using your data.

2. Collect and store data effectively

Once you have a plan, you need to put it into action by collecting and storing your data effectively. This means organizing it in a way that makes it easy to find, access, and use.

3. Invest in data management tools

Tools like data warehouses and business intelligence reporting can help organizations manage their data more effectively. These tools make it easier to store and access data, as well as analyze and use it for decision-making.

What to look for while investing in Data Management

There are many different ways to integrate data, and the most effective approach depends on the type of data and how it’s being used.

  • One common method is to use Master Data Management (MDM) software to create a single view of the customer, product, location, and other types of data.
  • A second method is to use a metadata registry that consolidates all the various ways an organization stores its data into a single catalog for each type of information. 

Incepta delivers ETL and Business Intelligence (BI) services and renders effective DW(Data Warehouse) solutions tailored to address industry-specific BI requirements for organizations. By partnering with ETL tools like Informatica, an acknowledged leader in delivering cloud-based data quality services, Incepta’s professional BI Development Team helps organizations develop smart DW solutions to enable effective data capturing, cross-linking as well as retrieving from different application systems. The data is delivered to the data warehouse securely for ETL procedure to enable super-fast analysis reports that can enable data-driven business decisions to be taken ahead of others.

This helps companies to generate the database:

  • A single view of your data
  • A 360-degree view of relationships
  • Understand what matters most

Automate, Integrate and Transform with Incepta

  • With the help of Informatica Power Centre Framework, we support the entire data integration lifecycle, from jumpstarting the first project to ensuring successful mission-critical enterprise deployments. Jumpstart your data integration projects in a scalable and readily deployable manner using the Plug and Play architecture.
  • Using the IPAAS transformational Cloud Data Integration solution, you can build and run advanced, complex integrations and achieve elastic scale in a serverless environment. This supports any cloud-native pattern, from data, application, and API integration to MDM(Master Data Management).
  • Moving to the cloud presents a key opportunity for data warehouse modernization and AI initiatives, but at the same time we make sure we maintain the data quality to ensure the success of your data-driven digital transformation initiatives and projects across users, types, and scale, while also automating mission-critical tasks.

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