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Smart Waste Management Using IoT Enabled Bins

Smart Waste Management Using IoT

Garbage! You heard it right. At the end of the day, garbage is something we cannot avoid but we can learn to handle and dispose it of responsibly to reduce the environmental impact. In this article, we will tell you how an IoT-enabled Smart Waste Management system can help you combat this eternal problem.

  • According to World Bank research, the world creates 2.01 Billion tons of municipal solid garbage each year, with at least 33% of it not being managed in an environmentally sound manner. It is expected to increase to 3.40 billion tons by 2050.
  • A recent study states that Canadians produce more garbage per capita than any other country on earth. 1 Canadian generates approximately 31 million tons of garbage a year (and only recycles about 30 percent of that material). Thus, each Canadian generates approximately 2.7 kg of garbage each day.

And what better way to manage it than leveraging the endless possibilities with the transformative Internet of Things (IoT) technology? A big chunk of efforts for building a Smart Community comes from the way its garbage is disposed of.

The Internet of Things plays a major role in making cities more efficient and smarter by automating and optimizing several operations of city management. This is possible by connecting garbage collection and disposal infrastructure and devices all around the cities and communities. 

Current Garbage Collection System

The current garbage collection mechanism in most of the cities around North America is limited to the collection of trash and recyclables collected from bins at a fixed time interval whether the bins are full or empty. 

Challenges with the current Manual Garbage Collection System:

  • Inefficient collection mechanism: There is a high possibility of half-full bins being emptied based on the fixed schedule of garbage collection. There is a lack of an alert mechanism for the garbage collection system.
  • Overflowing Garbage Bins: There is a chance that some days, a few garbage bins are full before their collection date which leads to overflowing. Again there is no alert mechanism for the garbage collector trucks which leads to a rotting and environmental mess.
  • Excessive fuel usage: Unnecessary fuel usage as the garbage collector trucks visit each bin to collect garbage based on a fixed schedule whether it is full or not. even if it is not fully based on a fixed schedule and route.
  • Inefficient resource utilization: Excessive use of resources including manpower, vehicle, and fuel
  • High cost: The inefficient mechanism leads to more labor and infrastructure costs

Easy Solution: Smart Waste Management using IoT

The solution is very simple: Use a garbage bin sensor for Waste Management! 

We can consider a garbage bin IOT sensor that has the following properties :

  • In the first scenario, showing the fill levels of the bins and estimating the next date for garbage collection based on the fill level, and passing this information to the garbage trucks
  • In the second scenario, if a garbage bin is not full for the next collection date, and it has been standing for 3 days in a row, to prevent rotting, schedule it for garbage collection immediately
  • Recording the last date on which garbage was collected to assist in forecasting the collection date pattern
  • Keep recording the fill levels of the bins at regular intervals to assist in determining the fill patterns.

Results Achieved

  • Timely Alerts: The garbage trucks receive timely alerts when bins are ready to be emptied
  • Forecast when bins will be full: Over time, historical data collected by sensors can be used to identify fill patterns, optimize driver routes and schedules
  • Reduce operation costs by 50% 
  • Environmental Quality: Prevents air pollution, water pollution, and harmful diseases which are dangerous to human as well as animal health by preventing garbage from overflowing

Incepta’s Expertise in Integrating an end-to-end Smart Waste Management System

Incepta with its expertise in integration and automation services in the IoT world uses its integration platform Veora to make this massive IoT movement a reality. Built on the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, the Veora platform leverages the full potential of transformative technologies such as 5G, AI, and IoT that can revolutionize the way the cities work right now to build a smart community with energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and exponential efficiency.

Veora does all of this by leveraging the power of APIs to integrate thousands of IoT devices used for efficient garbage collection and waste management. Data-orchestrated IoT-enabled integrations help organizations gather and monitor critical infrastructure data to prevent system failures and use predictive analytics to optimize resource use.

Why Veora?

It is based on the following foundations:

  • MuleSoft: The application is based on a constantly evolving platform providing a solution that is technologically leading edge.
  • Amazon AWS/Microsoft Azure/Oracle: Our solution integrates connected devices from any vendor to capture real-time data to provide intelligent building automation.
  • API from IoT Manufactures: Integrations for vendor APIs in our solution are easier than other platforms.

Why use Veora for integrating Garbage Bin Sensors with garbage collectors?

  • Ready to Market Solution
  • Built on a solid platform for flexibility and scalability
  • Ability to export data using the customer-required format 
  • New Vendors or IoT devices can be quickly integrated 
  • Integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • Support of any kind of IoT device and vendors
  • Legacy IoT devices support
  • Get real-time notifications
  • Create rules for each IoT device
  • Add new vendors seamlessly
  • Single pane of glass for notifications and monitoring IoT devices 

Where can we use Veora Disposal and Collection?

Basically everywhere that has a garbage disposal system and is looking forward to building a smart environment-friendly community:

  • Residential Buildings
  • Streets
  • Commercial Buildings
  • College Campuses
  • Homes
  • Public Places
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Hotels

 Contact us by emailing hello@inceptasolutions.com or calling +1 877 797 0406 to create and install a customized IoT-enabled Smart Waste Management system today!