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Incepta Solutions Partners with Noname Security

Partners with Noname Security

Toronto, April 5, 2022Incepta Solutions and Noname Security announced today that the companies have entered into a partnership that will enable Incepta Solutions to deliver highly secure solutions to its clients and Noname Security will be able to expand its reach in the Canadian market.

The agreement empowers a leading Digital Transformation company with robust API security solutions. Incepta Solutions is a leader in integration and automation consulting services serving enterprises and fortune 500 companies and Noname Security provides innovative solutions in the field of API Security.

About Noname Security

Noname Security delivers the most powerful, complete, and easy-to-use API security platform. Noname finds and inventories all APIs; detects attacks, suspicious behavior, and misconfigurations using AI-based behavioral analysis; prevents attacks and integrates with existing remediation and security infrastructure; and actively validates APIs before deployment.

Unlike other solutions that only monitor API traffic, Noname analyzes API traffic as well as application and infrastructure configurations to provide better API security posture management, API runtime security, and active API SDLC testing. Only Noname Security can find all shadow APIs and API misconfigurations before the company is impacted.

Statement from Noname Security:

“Partnering with a leader like Incepta and their technical expertise allows us to deliver best-in-class cybersecurity solutions to our Canadian customers through the award-winning Noname API Security Platform.” said Phillip Urman, Regional Sales Director, Noname Security. ” APIs have become critical assets for our customers and it’s a top-priority mitigating risks and keeping APIs secure and out of the news. Incepta recognizes this urgency and partnered with the leader in API Security.”

Statement from Incepta Solutions:

“Our partnership with Noname Security will enable us to provide secure automation solutions to our customers and to ensure that all future modifications to applications are completely protected from API threats. Noname Security is a true leader in the API Security industry with amazing features like API security posture management, API runtime security, Auto Discovery, and active API SDLC testing.  I am very confident that the partnership between Noname and Incepta will bring tremendous benefit to our current and future customers.” said Ishtiaq Ahmed, Managing Partner, Incepta Solutions.

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