Marketing Automation for Lead Management
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How to Use Marketing Automation for Lead Management

Find a Lead Management solution to address the below issues-

  • Duplicate & mismanaged leads
  • Marketing & Sales Conflict
  • Low conversion rate & Revenue loss

In this article we are presenting a case study on how we use Marketing Automation for the lead management process that can improve communication between marketing and sales teams, saving time and money and resulting in improved revenue generation.

Our client is a well-established company in the paper production industry. The company was doing well but started facing heavy losses recently.

  • Occurrence of duplicate leads
  • New leads not notified to the sales
  • Lack of synchronization between sales and marketing teams

Further investigation revealed the reason for not getting new clients as mismanagement of leads and conflict between marketing and sales teams. 

The objective was to find an automated lead management solution that can solve the problems of duplicate leads, send an automatic notification from marketing to the sales team, and have proper data flow for the successful conversion of leads into customers.

MarTech Lead Management Solution using Workato recipes

To tackle the problem, Incepta came up with a Workato recipe for Slackbot that would automate the whole process. This recipe consists of 6 steps:

Step 1: Collect leads by using a Slackbot UI.

Step 2: Check for duplicates in HubSpot. 

Step 3: If there are no duplicates then add leads to Hubspot. Show message ‘Contact has been added to HubSpot’. If the contact already exists then show the message ‘Contact is already on HubSpot’.

Step 4: Check in Salesforce if there is any entry of the same email. If not, then add a new lead.

Step 5: If the same email exists in Salesforce, then prompt the users if he/she wants to add it as a new opportunity or as an existing opportunity.

  • If the user selects “I want to add it as a new opportunity” then ->Add on Salesforce and show a success message
  • If the user selects “I want to add it to an existing opportunity”

Show the existing opportunities :

○ Opportunity 1

○ Opportunity 2

○ Opportunity N

  • The user selects the opportunity
  • Show a success message by adding the Description as a note
  • Assign a suitable sales member to the lead and create a deal in Hubspot. This deal will be used to get an update on the status of the lead
  • Notify the assigned sales team member about the lead via email, slack messages, and phone calls.

Step 6: Send Notification to the responsible salesperson via Email, text message, and slack message.

Refer to the diagram below to understand the Data Flow for the automated lead management process: 

  • No duplicate leads
  • Marketing to sales intimation within 5 minutes
  • 35% boost in conversion rate
  • Revenue generation improved by 170%
  • No blame game between the marketing and sales team
  • A win-win solution for both teams

We also suggested the client use Slackbot as an intermediate medium of communication. The client implemented the suggestion and found it to be an efficient option.

The client found the Incepta MarTech Lead Management System to be an effective tool for a successful lead management process. After using the solution for a period of 3 months, the client reported significant improvement in the overall lead management process. Timely lead nurturing resulted in 35% boost in the conversion rate which improved the revenue generation by 170%.

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