How to Use Workato Data Integrations to Scaleup Your Business


The client wanted to build over 100 Workato data integrations for various third-party applications. These integrations will help its customers to automate the evidence collection process and monitor the security across the business.

The Client

The client is a leading provider of information security and data privacy management products and services.  The company helps its customers-

  • Build a security foundation
  • Become security compliant
  • Sustain security and privacy posture


Using our client’s security compliance solution, its customers can find out if their company is following the security standards and can get help in meeting the security compliance regulations and data management.

For security solution providers, the more applications they can offer to their customers to connect to through their platform, the better it is. Using third-party integrations, security compliance platforms collect critical information about the customer’s security posture, for example, password complexity requirements, multi-factor authentication, admin list, etc.

The client did not have as many third-party integrations as its competitors. This was a limiting factor hampering its business growth. To overcome this significant challenge, the client hired Incepta Solutions to build third-party Workato data integrations so various applications can connect to its platform easily and the client can gather required information about its users/customers.


The Incepta team created various Workato Recipes to build data integrations to address the client’s requirements. For some apps, connectors were provided by Workato but for others, the Incepta team needed to build custom connectors from scratch. Details of some of the integrations created are listed below-

Heroku Integration: Heroku is a container-based cloud platform (PaaS). It provides an easy-to-use and flexible option for developers to build, deploy, manage, monitor, and scale their applications completely avoiding the infrastructure-related headaches. Incepta built a custom connector for Heroku integration that will help the company capture evidence related to security regulations and controls.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration:  Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud platform that offers productivity tools like MS Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint along with online storage, and world-class security. Incepta Solutions built the Microsoft Office 365 integration for the client that enabled its platform to interact with Office 365 easily and collect the evidence needed for various security frameworks and regulations.

OKTA Integration: Incepta created the Okta integration. Okta is an Identity-as-a-service or IDaas platform. It allows users to connect to thousands of cloud, on-prem and mobile apps within minutes and manage applications using SSO (Single sign-on). You can also manage user life cycles such as advanced onboarding and offboarding, device, and license management options anytime and from anywhere. 

Jira Expanded Integration: Jira integration is needed to capture various framework and regulation requirements related evidence. Incepta created Jira integration for the client’s platform that will help collect evidence regarding security compliance regulations.

BambooHR Integration: Incepta team integrated the client platform with the BambooHR API which is a RESTful Internet protocol. This API is built to make semantically meaningful HTTPS requests to access or modify a resource. The API is useful to create reports related to employee data in different formats.

Zenefits Integration: Incepta created Zenefit integration that enabled efficient workflows by connecting Zenefits with the client’s platform. Zenefits provides HR, Benefits, and Payroll-related tools to simplify related operations and processes.

OneLogin Integration: OneLogin is a cloud-based identity and access management platform. It allows employers to control user access to applications, create and enforce access security policies,  multi-factor authentication, password reset, etc. The Incepta team built the Workato Integration for OneLogin.

Gusto Integration: Gusto software integration helped the client platform to connect to Gusto’s admin account and view all the available apps in the app directory like recruiting apps, provisioning apps, etc. Gusto’s provisioning apps also help create or delete employee accounts for popular messaging apps like Slack or Zoom.


Our client is a leading company in the computer and network security industry offering a secure platform for data security and privacy management products and services. The custom integrations built by Incepta Solutions helped the client to add more third-party applications to their compliance solutions list.

  • 100+ integrations were completed in three months
  • Due to these integrations, client reported improved customer experience leading to improved sales figures
  • Manual work being done by 50+ employees per month was automated freeing them for other valuable tasks

Incepta Solutions provides best-in-class solutions for all your data integration needs. We have Workato certified developers who follow the industry best practices and create robust, efficient,  industry-standard solutions that can be customized for your specific business requirements.

So call Incepta Solutions today to discuss your integration needs!

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