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API-led Connectivity to Automate Distribution Network in CPG

API-led Connectivity Implementation

  • Transition and Roadmap Advisory
  • Implement API-led Connectivity Architecture
  • Automate Sales and Distribution Network

The client needed support in its transition toward API-led connectivity architecture and automating sales and distribution channels for its “Next Generation” products to meet the changing demands of customers and stakeholders.

  • Well-known tobacco brand
  • Canada-based global company
  • Important industry player for over six countries

A globally recognized company in the tobacco industry with several premium cigarette brands, e-cigarettes, and other related products with its target of moving entirely from cigarettes to Reduced Risk Products (RRP) in near future.

  • Rigid, complex infrastructure which was not scalable
  • Poorly designed, inefficient sales and distribution network
  • Complicated systems connected point-to-point in an ad-hoc manner

Additionally, creating markets for new products, increasing market penetration, and managing sales and distribution channels, were some of the challenges, the client was facing. After realizing that these challenges can only be solved with the adoption of the right technology and tools, the client had invested in MuleSoft, the leading integration, and API platform, but it was not implemented correctly to utilize its full potential.

The client wanted to grow its integration landscape and build an API-led connectivity architecture. Incepta’s team realized that having a single runtime environment was a significant bottleneck to designing and implementing a future-proof API-led application network.

MuleSoft API-led Connectivity to Automate Sales and Distribution Network

  • Phase-wise roadmap for a smooth transition to API-led connectivity
  • B2B distribution network powered by MuleSoft 
  • Multiple runtime environments in production 

Incepta provided a comprehensive roadmap outlining orderly and phase-wise changes needed in the business processes and infrastructure keeping data security as a primary focus. This roadmap was then implemented by Incepta Solutions in 3 phases.

Incepta team created a B2B distribution network consisting of an e-ordering system where various apps used by wholesalers/direct sellers were integrated so orders could be raised and disbursed most efficiently. This modern e-ordering system resulted in increased sales, upselling, and cross-selling.

Incepta team designed and built an API-led application network that comprised numerous reusable micro APIs for a sturdy and flexible futuristic environment. Please refer to the diagram below for a sample of flexible, scalable application network design. Contact Incepta Solutions – your trusted Digital Transformation Partner – to know more.

Fig 1 – A flexible, scalable API-led Application Network

Two runtime environments were created in production, considering the need for a futurist architecture. These clustered and load-balanced servers were designed to serve the increasing integration and load demands. (Server clustering combines multiple servers to work as a single system while load balancing is used to distribute workload across multiple servers to improve performance). Incepta can help you design such a futuristic infrastructure design for your environment as shown in the diagram below.

Fig 2 – Futuristic Infrastructure Design Powered by MuleSoft

  • Productivity increased by 64%
  • Simplified and scalable architecture
  • Operations and maintenance costs were reduced by 49%
  • Efficient and flawless sales and distribution channel updated in real-time
  • One-to-one relationship between business functions and reusable API

Incepta’s customized transition plan, key tasks, and milestones identification ensured an effective, efficient, optimal, and seamless transition among various stakeholders involved.

The comprehensive solution and its flawless implementation not only avoided drastic changes and minimized the overall impact on the existing systems but also maximized the benefits of the client’s investment in MuleSoft in the shortest amount of time.

Incepta has and will continue to enable companies to produce new products and services, and achieve their digital transformation objectives. If you are in the Retail and CPG industry, looking for integration solutions critical to your business expansion, revenue growth, and ongoing business operations, connect with us today!

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