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Solving the Big Customer Puzzle with Salesforce Customer 360

Discover how Salesforce Customer 360 powered by MuleSoft can deliver 3X faster and drive profitability for organizations

Happy customers can be a great source of marketing and revenue generation for any business. According to Fobes, customers are likely to spend 140% more after a positive experience compared to those who had a bad experience.  But many businesses today are struggling to keep customers happy. 

One of the biggest sources of unpleasant customer experiences is not having a unique profile for each customer across all the systems and apps being used by the business. 

Customers generate a wide variety of data like usernames, emails, previous purchases, and preferences via multiple channels such as apps, websites, and different devices during their buying journey. 

It becomes a complex and tedious task for businesses to collate all the data across all touchpoints and create a single unique profile for each customer. As a result, the sales department may see a different view of the same customer compared to customer service and so on. Let’s delve deeper into this challenge.

Challenges Faced by Businesses

On average, a decent size enterprise uses hundreds of different apps with disparate data and only 28% of them are integrated resulting in creating silos and duplication. According to our partner, MuleSoft, creating an average connected personalized experience requires data from at least 35 different systems. That means IT leaders are tasked to integrate various disparate data sources to gather the required data. 

Fig 1 – Disconnected Sales, Service, and Marketing Teams

 B2C companies often struggle to understand the requirements of a customer at each point of interaction leading to an irate and confused customer experience: 

  • Sales teams creating records of customer interactions often create duplicate records
  • Duplication of records may not be intentional but could vary depending on the type of customer interaction, viz., with a channel partner as opposed to a direct customer. They need to co-exist independently but we have to show the records to different groups of users contextually.
  • Companies encounter various challenges like having subsidiaries that operate in different countries and mapping customer data across different geographic boundaries becomes a challenge. 
  • Disparate data leads to problems. Sales personnel are happy when they make sales, but when the customer calls the service rep who is clueless about the conversation and concerns that were conveyed to the sales agent, the organization runs into problems. The context is lost; customers feel frustrated: “Where are all of my orders, what’s the latest status of that shipment?”

Financial Impact of Negative Customer Experience

Understand that there is a monetary value associated with a negative customer experience, not just lost opportunities.

We may not realize it but for every unpleasant customer experience, there is an attached negative financial value that may not be restricted to that transaction alone.

According to Yonyx, 55% of unhappy customers shift to your competitor’s products. 48% of customers who have had a bad customer experience advise others not to buy your products or services. 63% of the prospective buyers check for any negative customer experiences.

You also need to consider the higher CPA (cost per acquisition) for acquiring new customers which is 5-10 times higher than keeping an existing one.

Root Cause of Customer Dis-satisfaction

Even organizations with clearly defined customer journeys and high employee motivation towards a ONE CUSTOMER philosophy are also not able to realize the full benefits. WHY? 

  • Organizations rely on systems that force their people and data into silos
  • Such systems results in incomplete account information, multiple redundant duplications of records, and poor territory management
  • Sales teams start selling to the same customers from different locations and regions
  • There is no punishment for bad data and no incentive for good data

Solution – Salesforce Customer 360 Powered by MuleSoft

The solution lies in building a data-driven culture that ultimately aims to break down silos and achieve a unique customer 360 view. With Salesforce Customer 360 using MuleSoft this is as easy as putting the building blocks together!

Fig 2 -Breakdown organizational inefficiencies – Achieve the holistic customer view

Mastering Salesforce Customer 360 with MuleSoft

Building a data-enabled culture takes the organization to the next level. From customer data silos, the organization can move towards a connected and data-enabled culture and witness growth that was previously unachievable. This growth is now within reach through a robust platform that has good/trusted data, and connected processes, aligned to the people that serve the customers.

With Salesforce Customer 360 using MuleSoft such a capability could be built in weeks. 

Salesforce Customer 360 is a powerful CRM platform that provides comprehensive solutions for marketing, sales, commerce, service, IT, etc. It offers a single platform for connecting employees, customers, and partners with each other and the apps they use every day, empowering companies to deliver better customer experiences. 

With the help of Salesforce Customer 360 you can-

  • Focus on your customers and grow your business
  • Empower your employees and
  • Understand your customers better

Now you might wonder why do I need MuleSoft.

Fig 3 – Salesforce Customer 360 with MuleSoft

MuleSoft acts as a bridge between Salesforce Customer 360 and your data sources whether on-premises, cloud, or legacy systems. MuleSoft powers the Salesforce Customer 360 with integration, connecting data across an organization’s entire ecosystem. Together, MuleSoft and Salesforce enable all organizations to utilize their data to deliver intelligent, connected experiences across channels and touchpoints. MuleSoft uses APIs to create bridges.

APIs are the standard building blocks in MuleSoft. They are designed to fit together to build a connected customer experience. These building blocks support a flexible architecture and are reusable. APIs make the integration process more agile, fast, and future-proof. Integrating any new system or experience in the future is easy, all you need to do is add additional functionality on top of an already existing system.

Advantages of MuleSoft Approach to Salesforce Customer 360

  • Easy to connect to any data source (across any system, application, or device) whether on cloud or on-prem
  • Deliver at 3X faster rate because APIs from one project can be used in subsequent projects,  delivering projects 60% faster and at 63% of the cost 
  • Improve the CSAT Score (Customer Satisfaction Score)
  • Be more agile – go digital faster to drive growth
  • Simple, easy, and powerful


To sum it all up, we can safely say that

Salesforce Customer 360 + MuleSoft = Create Connected Experiences Faster

  • When the obvious duplicates in user data are handled there is an increase of 25% in adoption amongst the sales and service reps for such data insights. When people do not see the same record showing twice in their application, they automatically start to trust the results which prompts them to use it more.
  • When all the disparate data are connected and people are no longer searching through spreadsheets to aggregate opportunities and see all the information in one dashboard, productivity automatically increases by 65%.
  • Sales opportunities increase when you know what the customers have and what they don’t have, do they have an outstanding ticket or are they ready to place more orders, you can also improve sales opportunities.

This entire transformation can be achieved with 6-8 weeks of committed effort with the proper guidance from an experienced technology and strategic service provider.

Where are you on your Customer Engagement Journey? 

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