5 Must Read Articles on Data Science

Organizations today need professionals who can extract and analyze extremely large amounts of data and present useful insights to business leaders and we all know that information technology is an ever-changing industry. If you ask any renowned researcher or an industry expert they would say that an analytics prospect needs to remain constantly updated about the industry. Be it the programming languages engaged with analytics, the industry’s working and recruitment process, the tools used, the advancements in its unified fields like IoT, Machine Learning and the sky is the limit from there, there’s a ton occurring around data analytics.

So, you have to keep reading a lot about IT and data sciences to stay up to date. For that, you need to subscribe the authoritative blogs online and read some great insightful articles on Data Science. Here are 5 such articles that will give you useful information regarding this. Check them out here:

1. Google’s TensorFlow Object Detection API

When you visit Google’s research blog, you can find the company working on something amazing. Read more..

2. A Non-technical Guide to Understanding Machine Learning

Data Science has always been complex to non-technical people. This article just makes it easy for them.

3. Data Science and Customer Behavior

One of the most important thing in business is to predict what your customer is going to do next. This article helps understand that by identifying data sources and implementing ML algorithms.

4. Data Visualization Community on Reddit

It’s a community for data scientists where they share the best data visualizations they’ve come across. Read more..

5. The Age of Analytics: Competing in a Data-Driven World

This article captures the cutting edge of analytics and how it is leveraged in a business environment.