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We provide a full range of integration and automation strategic consulting and application development services to accelerate your digital transformation

Integration. Automation. Innovation

Incepta Solutions is a globally recognized award-winning technology partner that combines innovation and technology solutions with deep domain, consulting, and advisory expertise to solve complex business challenges. Our team works with leading-edge tools, RPA, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies.

What We Do

We provide application development and strategic consulting to organizations in need of business automation, omnichannel alignment, marketing automation, cloud transformation, and managed services.

What We Do

Who We Help

We help businesses of all sizes to streamline workflow and increase productivity. Incepta team has extensive experience working with clients in Banking, Government, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Retail industries.

Who We Help

Why Choose Us

• Top 5 fastest-growing technology companies in Canada
• Trusted Digital Transformation Partner with a global presence
• Experienced team with an Agile delivery model
• Driven by innovation

Why Choose Us


Happy. Loyal. Satisfied.

Here We Grow


  • Implemented Digital Transformation in Telecommunications & Finance industries
  • Partnered with global technology platform products


  • Diversified services for Media, Government, Healthcare, and Fortune 500 Companies
  • Signed partnerships with market leaders


  • Named one of the top 5 fastest-growing IT companies on the Growth 2020 List
  • Expanded into data management and RPA services


  • Recognized as Best Places to Work 2 years in a row
  • Expanded into technology products on IoT, 5G


  • Revenue grew by more than 100% within first quarter

Awards & Affilitations

Our success is attributed to the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of our #InceptaInnovators. We are humbled to have received awards to recognize our growth as one unified team.

Our Values

Uncompromised Quality Client Focused People First Integrity Diversity & Inclusion Agility Community Commitment

These values give us the foundations we need.


Strong. Focused. Visionary

At Incepta Solutions, we lead by example. Our leaders strive to foster diversity, inclusivity, and innovation that envelopes our growing team of #InceptaInnovators. As one family, our goal is to achieve continued excellence and to take pride in our growth and development, both in our professional careers and personal life.

Sid Muntaha

Controller of Finance

Sid has over 15 years of experience working with clients from various industries. As the controller of finance for Incepta Solutions, Sid is responsible for keeping track of finances. In his spare time, Sid is an avid traveler and has visited many countries across Europe.

Ishtiaq Ahmed

Managing Partner

With a background in computer science and over 20 years of experience in IT and consulting, Ishtiaq leads our team and manages all areas of Incepta’s business. As managing partner, Ishtiaq ensures that our team works collaboratively with clients to achieve our common goal of creating innovative and cost-effective solutions. Outside of work, Ishtiaq loves to travel the world and spend time in the great outdoors seeing animals or playing sports.

Ahmet Dalman

VP of Operations and Corporate Strategy

Ahmet Dalman brings 30 years of rich experience in Information Technology, Software Application Development, and Implementation Projects in various C-Suite and senior executive level roles for large enterprises.

Nhan Nguyen

Head of Delivery

As head of delivery for Incepta Solutions, Nhan oversees the delivery team and works closely with clients to ensure that our team delivers high-performing solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient. In his spare time, Nhan loves fixing things around the house, especially things that he took apart himself.

Taru Saini

Manager, Human Resources

As Manager of Human Resources, Taru is responsible for implementing human resource policies, while acquiring the most talented professionals to join the team of #InceptaInnovators. With 3+ years of experience in HR and 5+ years in business administration, Taru’s expertise contributes to the growth and development of Incepta Solutions.

Bob Cariglia

VP of Sales

Bob has an extensive background in senior sales leadership positions in Canada and the USA, with 35 years of experience developing solid customer relationships in the automotive, technology, and customer service industries. Bob has also led projects developing business in Europe, China, and southern Africa.

Chris Darcy

Vice President, Professional Services

Chris Darcy is a seasoned executive with 30+ years of business expertise, specializing in sales, delivery, and operations. As VP of Professional Services at Incepta Solutions, he excels in selling and delivering transformative consulting, digital solutions, and outsourcing services to global corporations. With strategic leadership, Chris has built successful sales teams, introduced cutting-edge technologies, and earned a respected reputation in professional services.


Teamwork. Collaboration. Success

Incepta solutions is a proud implementation partner of MuleSoft®, Workato®, Noname Security®, Salesforce®, and Automation Anywhere® who are industry leaders in their respective technology quadrants.

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