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Automated Lead Generation using Slack and Indeed

Learn what is automated lead generation, what are its benefits, and how to automate lead generation in this informative article.

What are Connected Experiences and why do you need them

Learn what Connected Experiences are and the barriers and enablers to creating the connected customer experience.

Top 7 Digital Contact Center Automation Trends

Learn what a digital contact center is and what are the latest Digital Contact Center Automation Trends to improve customer experience.

Incepta Solutions and Noname Security Host an Exclusive CIO Roundtable

Incepta Solutions and Noname Security hosted an exclusive CIO Roundtable Event at the Lee Restaurant in Toronto for CIOs & CISOs.

Incepta Solutions Hosts MuleSoft CONNECT 2022 – Lunch & Learn Meeting

Incepta Solutions organized a well-attended and successful MuleSoft CONNECT 2022 personalized “Lunch and Learn” meeting at the historic Old Mill Restaurant Toronto on June 29th, 2022. Learn more here.

Create Workato Recipes using Best Practices [With Examples]

Learn about various best practices related to design, security, organization, performance etc. to follow while creating Workato Recipes.

5 Steps to setup RPA CoE (Center of Excellence) for your company

RPA Center of Excellence is the enabler of RPA adoption across the organization. Learn to set up an RPA CoE for your company in five easy steps.

Data Migration & Validation for a Major Retail Business Group

This case study explains how Incepta Solutions helped a major retailer with Data Migration & Validation using Extract Transformation and Load.

InceptaInnovator Earns Go To Market Champion Badge from MuleSoft

Incepta’s Partner Engagement Specialist for Mulesoft earned the Go To Market Champion badge for the retail industry from MuleSoft.

Solving the Big Customer Puzzle with Salesforce Customer 360

Discover how Salesforce Customer 360 powered by MuleSoft can deliver 3X faster and drive profitability for B2C organizations.

API-led Connectivity to Automate Distribution Network in CPG Industry

How to use MuleSoft API-led Connectivity approach to Automate Distribution Network and Ordering System in the CPG Industry.

How to Use Workato Data Integrations to Scaleup Your Business

Learn how a Security Company used Workato Data Integrations to add third-party applications to their security compliance solutions list offering better connectivity for its customers.

Incepta Solutions at the 90th Business Matchmaking Forum in Medellin Colombia

Incepta Solutions participated in the Business Matchmaking Forum in Medellin, Colombia, on March 28th – 29th 2022, the biggest event organized by PROCOLOMBIA to strengthen its ties with companies in the LATAM region.

Earth Day – 22nd April 2022 #InvestInOurPlanet

To celebrate the Earth Day at Incepta Solutions we organized a Global Donation Campaign to reduce the landfills so we can #InvestInOurPlanet

How to Use Marketing Automation for Lead Management

How to use Marketing Automation for the lead management process that can improve co-ordination between marketing and sales teams, save time and money, resulting in improved revenue generation.

Incepta Solutions Partners with Noname Security

Incepta Solutions announces partnership with Noname Security that will enable Incepta Solutions to deliver highly secure solutions to its clients and Noname Security will be able to expand its reach in the Canadian market

How to use Virtual IoT Devices for Integrating IoT Applications

Learn what are Virtual IoT Devices, their advantages, applications and how to create & use an IoT Device Simulator using mock service

HR Process Automation with Workato from Interviewing to Onboarding

HR Process Automation process using Workato that showcases how automation can scale up the candidate interview and onboarding process for our HR teams.

How to Invest in Your Data now more than ever!

Learn how we use Informatica/Oracle BI for companies to invest in data management, warehousing, and business intelligence reporting for better decision making.

HR Process Automation to finding interview slots

Let’s dive into a simple HRtech recipe using Workato that can showcase how automation can scale up some of the daily tasks of our HR teams

3 Best Automation in Financial Services Sector

Automation in Financial Services Sector could boost corporate rates of profitability by 38 percent by 2035. Learn about the primary trends.

Role of IoT in the world of sustainability and smart technology

Learn how IoT with its smart technology can play a major role in creating a world that is more sustainable and green whether in energy management or reducing Co2 emissions.

Get the most out of your HR Automation

With HR technologies booming, we list out some steps to consider in the HR Automation implementation process to face the challenges that may arise along the way and help in successful implementations and desirable results.

Why Future-Proof Your Business With Integrated Cloud ERP

Learn why moving to a cloud-based ERP system can be one of the best investments you can make to grow your business. It’s a challenging process and you want to define your end goal and map out a clear path to success.

How Incepta Solutions integrated an Appraisal Management System for a major bank in Central America

Learn how Incepta Solutions came up with this integrated Appraisal Management Solution for extending the client’s services to new geographical areas in Central America through an API-led strategy

How Incepta Solutions developed an integrated and scalable API-led e-Commerce solution for a leading global company

Learn how Incepta Solutions came up with this mission-critical solution of workflow automation, data exchange, and integration processes between SAP and e-commerce salesforce platforms leveraging the Mule ESB.

Why marketers are switching to Marketing Automation

Why marketing managers are strategically investing in marketing automation solutions to adopt the latest digital marketing trends may it be in financial services, media, healthcare, government, and the retail industry.

How Incepta’s SmartConnect platform is redefining the safety and security management in the construction industry

Incepta Solutions helped one of Canada’s largest media and communication service providers, connect their smart construction portal with various construction-focused smart devices using our SmartConnect platform.

Mule 4 GA makes integration faster

Learn why you need Mule 4 GA for faster integration as it enhances application development velocity with up to 50 percent fewer steps.

The Importance of Microservice Architecture

Learn about Microservice architecture and its importance, especially for Agile or Devops teams. Sneak preview: it solves challenges faced by monolithic systems.

Difference between Web APIs and Web Services

Web APIs and web services are often confused with one another. Though they are similar, there are some differentiating aspects. What are the key differences between web APIs and web services? Discover more in this blog article.

What is Anypoint Runtime Fabric and why to use it to deploy Mules

Learn more about Anypoint Runtime Fabric and why we have been using it instead of the do-it-yourself model. It saves money, resources and is the fastest and easiest way to deploy Mule runtimes to your cloud.

Fortune 500 client accelerated sales cycles with scalable data integration and price optimization solutions

Learn how Incepta Solutions automated and optimized the creation of quotes and capture orders across all the channels from retail and manufacturing to distribution and supply chain management using data integration.

How Incepta Solutions Successfully Developed Scalable e-Commerce Integration Solutions for a Leading Global Company

Incepta Solutions developed scalable e-Commerce integration solutions for a Fortune 500 company with more than 50 brands and over 500 products in the CPG industry.

Working with multiple layers of API

How to use Mule Runtime Standalone Engine to work with multiple layers of API like experience layer, process layer, and system layer seamlessly.

Addressing performance issues with API monitoring

Incepta Solutions was thrilled to present at the Edmonton Virtual MuleSoft Meetup on API’s role in digital transformation and the essence of API-led connectivity, complemented by a live demo of the API monitoring tool.

When RPA met AI: the rise of Cognitive Process Automation

Meet the better of both the worlds! Learn what gave rise to the emerging Cognitive Process Automation and how to implement it with just an additional step by integrating AI with RPA.

Where to start on defining a RPA (Robotic Process Automation) operating model

Key steps to create a RPA operating model “blueprint” that dictates what processes will be automated, how the software will be integrated into the IT landscape, and more.

MuleSoft Anypoint Studio Clinic: Backing up workspace settings and diagnosing workspace issues

This article addresses MuleSoft Anypoint Studio: backing up workspace settings and diagnosing workspace scenarios.

Incepta Solutions participates in Mental Health Awareness Month

Our team of #InceptaInnovators has joined Mental Health Awareness Month by hosting interactive events and initiatives for May!

Incepta Solutions joins MuleSoft CONNECT 2021

Our team of #InceptaInnovators, from developers to marketers and everything in between, are thrilled to be joining MuleSoft CONNECT 2021.

Best guide on Anypoint Visualizer

This article covers Anypoint Platform’s tool, Anypoint Visualizer, for visualizing the Application network and its dependencies and analyze their performance.

Automation Anywhere offers easy path to RPA training

Robotic Process Automation (also referred to as RPA) is one of the central technologies changing the face of work, for the better.

Automating the Mule Application Build & Deployment Phase – Mule Maven Jenkins Pipeline (CI/CD)

This article will outline a detailed step-by-step guide on how to configure a Jenkins and Mule Maven project for continuous integration and delivery.

How to migrate from Mule 3 to Mule 4 successfully

In this article, let’s explore the benefits, challenges and best practices in the migration journey from Mule 3 to Mule 4.

The four proven benefits of Customer 360 in 2021

Let’s talk about customers in 2021. In today’s rapidly-evolving marketplace and the need for digitization, businesses must adapt faster (and more efficiently) than ever.

MUnit: Mule application unit testing best practices

This article discusses the elements of writing MUnit test case in the test-driven development environment of Mule, along with recommendations to consider while writing a good test case.

Batch processing of large data in MuleSoft

Incepta had an opportunity to work with a client with a legacy process which transferred large dataset from multiple tables in JD Edward System to a SQL data warehouse.

Why it’s important to backup your data

“I love losing my files” – says no one ever. Let’s back it up and discuss the types of backup and why it’s important to backup your data.

How Revenue Grid helps Salesforce customers maximize their investment

Incepta Solutions partnered with Revenue Grid to share insights in a live demo on how Guided Selling can enable businesses to close more sales opportunities.

2021 Cybersecurity Best Practices (for Fraud Prevention Month)

In Canada, March was Fraud Prevention Month. As an experienced leader in cybersecurity, Incepta Solutions shared weekly tips on how to prevent cyber fraud.

How Incepta Solutions Implemented Integration and Data Management for a Government Agency

By partnering with Incepta Solutions, our client was able to successfully implement our data management and integration solutions for their organization.

How Incepta Solutions Implemented Data Integration and Management Solutions for a Fortune 500 Company

Incepta Solutions successfully integrated three Shopify stores for our client by utilizng database-driven features.

5 Digital Trends for 2021

The need to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and industry trends is at the core of businesses.

Migration from Adobe LiveCycle to Adobe Experience Manager

Many industries such as financial institutions, governments, telecommunications, and other enterprises use ALV (Adobe LiveCycle) system to automate a broad range of business processes like enrolling clients for services, capturing form and document data, and generate professional documents efficiently.

How Incepta Solutions Implemented a Cybersecurity Strategy for a Smart Device Company

Incepta Solutions performed a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment to enable the business to mitigate future risks.

MuleSoft Catalyst and Accelerator for Banking

On Thursday, January 21, 2021 Incepta Solutions was thrilled to present at the Edmonton Virtual MuleSoft Meetup on API connectivity through MuleSoft Catalyst.

How Incepta connected multiple cloud and on-premise platforms using MuleSoft for a Canadian government agency

MuleSoft driven multi-system connectivity A case study on how Incepta helped one of its Canadian Govt. clients to successfully adopt MuleSoft and drive multi-system connectivity to launch its new line of operations Download the case study to find out how Incepta helped drive connectivity between multiple cloud and on-premise platforms for a government client in […]

API Security Best Practices – MuleSoft Meetup

Incepta Solutions was thrilled to present at the Calgary Virtual MuleSoft Meetup on Tuesday, November 24, 2020 about API Security Best Practices.

e-Commerce Integration Webinar

This webinar discusses how Incepta Solutions helps organizations develop scalable e-Commerce strategies.

Toronto Virtual MuleSoft Meetup – API Security & Threats

Incepta’s very own Satyam Patel (Technical Architect) spoke about API Security and Threats at the Toronto Virtual MuleSoft Meetup on September 30th, 2020.

A Mulesoft 4 Story – Connecting to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is predicted to be one of the most in-demand products from customers using Salesforce. The principal reason behind this choice is because businesses now understand the value of marketing to a customer on their preferred channel, whether that’s social media, on-site advertising, or email marketing. Historically, businesses have always struggled to […]

How a leading Canadian print media house achieved 33% revenue growth through digital adoption

Revolutionizing print media through digital transformation Using a MuleSoft API driven integration strategy, Incepta was able to connect multiple third-party and proprietary tools in an intelligent automated workflow which drove revenue, readership, efficiency and automation. Discover how Incepta helped a leading Canadian print media house achieve a revenue growth of 33% through digital adoption. The […]

DataWeave function chaining for Java programmers

This article is an excellent guide for Java programmers looking to convert code containing method chaining to similar DataWeave code with reference to Java 8 lambda expressions and also convert from Java Streams into DataWeave chaining. Read the full article at

Mule Runtime Security Patching on CloudHub

Here is the latest security release path from MuleSoft. Starting this month i.e. January, 2020, MuleSoft has implemented a new automated process that will update runtimes in CloudHub that applications are using to the latest service pack version (also known as a date patch) whenever a vulnerable library or component is discovered within the Mule […]

How APIs are helping create Digital Value Chains across Organizations

Some of the major disruptions in the last and current decade (eg: Amazon, Uber and Netflix) have used technology to change the way products and services are designed, sold and serviced around the globe. Traditional ways of doing business has been radically transformed through the use of digital manufacturing, digital market places, connected value chains, […]

AWS Lambda & Serverless Architecture

Serverless architectures refers to applications that significantly depend on third-party services known as Backend as a Service or “BaaS”. Do not be misled by the name as it does not actually involve running code without servers. The name “serverless computing” is used because the organization that owns the system does not have to purchase, rent or provision […]

Learn How skipNullOn Can Save Your Day

DataWeave is an essential tool to implement a successful integration API. There are lots of thing that you can achieve through this powerful tool. Let’s learn something new about this tool

Choosing the right job title

Looking for suitable candidates but underestimating the importance of a Job Title? This is one of the main reasons why many of us fail to attract suitable candidates. We often look for people to join our growing team and have learned a few things from the experience. We are sharing some of them in this […]

Best practices for MuleSoft development

We came across this beautiful article compiled by the NYU API team. It was a great pleasure to learn about their API journey in the Mulesoft summit NY this year. We must say the team have been doing a tremendous job to keep their digital journey on track. We are sharing the article here for […]

We are hiring!

Incepta is growing and we are looking for a few more software developers to join our team. If you have an academic background in computer science or software engineering and you have a natural passion to learn new technology and industry-leading tools, Incepta is an ideal home for your career. We solve complex integration problems of […]

The Rise of HR Analytics

People Analytics, also known as Talent analytics is an emerging field in Human Resources. Data is everywhere and there is a need to utilize this data to formulate HR strategies. Companies want to become more effective at hiring and retaining the right talent. HR Analytics looks for patterns in all the available data and identify […]

Why You Should Consider a Career in RPA

Automation is driving a new way of working. The future workplace will feature a blend of human and digital workforce, also known as software robots or “bots”. This symbiotic relationship is expected to create many exciting, new career possibilities. Are you ready to seize the opportunities that will arise as we move into this automated […]

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit: Updated Deep Learning Toolkit

We are excited to know that Microsoft has brought Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit version 2.0 out of beta and is making the first release candidate available. The toolkit was previously known as CNTK, an open source deep learning toolkit on GitHub. It is used to speed up advances in artificial intelligence available to a broader group of […]

R Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio 2015

The General Availability of R Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio 2015 (RTVS) was in March. This release was shortly followed by R Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio 2017 in early May. RTVS is a free and open source plug-in that turns Visual Studio into a powerful and productive R development environment. Check out this video […]

WLI purging forever

Recently we experienced a strange issue on one of our clients’ Weblogic Integration domain. From Weblogic Integration console, when we were trying to purge process data, it was always showing a RUNNING state and didn’t allow us to trigger the purge process. After observing the phenomenon for several weeks, we realised the issue. The root […]

To App or Not To App

I remember back in 90s many of my friends including myself used to have a folder in our PC named softwares or something similar. The purpose of the folder was to hold zillion types of desktop softwares; mostly freewares or sharewares. Situation is much different today. With the huge rise of the Web, everything is […]

Being social is now easier

Its been few weeks since we launched the Incepta site. The blog page has arrived late for many reasons; primarily for our reluctant attitude towards it. But not any more! Incepta blog page will be running and rolling in regular, frequent interval from now on. We charter that. Because we are coming to the community […]