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Automated Lead Generation using Slack and Indeed

Lead generation is an essential activity for every business to sustain growth. If you want your sales team to stay busy selling then you need to put in efforts to generate quality leads continuously. That’s where automated lead generation comes to your rescue.

The word ‘automation’ may sound complicated and scary to some but it is not. Let’s understand what it is and how it can provide your business with the fuel it needs for unprecedented growth.

What is Automated Lead Generation

The lead generation process involves many parts and many apps like email marketing lists, CRMs, forms, communication apps, spreadsheets, and so on. The most important part of connecting with the prospects at the soonest and nurturing the leads can get lost in the sea of so many admin tasks. 

According to research by Harvard Business Review, companies took an average of 42 hours to respond and 23% of the companies never responded to a web-generated test lead at all.  Hence, the primary focus for your sales reps should be contacting and nurturing cold leads into hot ones instead of wasting time manually updating spreadsheets.

Automated lead generation is the process of integrating various apps, spreadsheets, and software tools using automated workflows to generate quality leads automatically. You can also call it the end-to-end process to connect the lead sources to the lead management systems using automation. 

For example, if someone signs up for an event on your website or social media page, you can use automation to send them the thank you email, send event-related updates, register the lead as a prospect and also assign an owner for the lead without lifting a finger.

Benefits of Lead Generation Automation

As you can see from the above example, there is plenty of time-saving with lead generation automation. There are other benefits as well-

  • Cost Saving – Since your sales reps are not spending time doing those manual repetitive tasks over and over again they will have more time to handle the hot leads and you can manage the same amount of work with fewer employees saving a lot of money.
  • Increased Lead Conversion Rates – Automation frees up your sales team from mundane, repetitive tasks so they can focus more on important tasks like connecting to prospects, answering questions, and moving them down the sales funnel resulting in better conversion rates.
  • Data Consistency – Lead generation automation helps manage your data in a consistent manner as data flows are automated. So manually copying/pasting data from various forms, event registrations, etc. becomes a thing of the past and is handled flawlessly using automation bots.
  • Efficient Lead Nurturing – Since the entire process is automated, the owner of each lead gets all the required information about the leads in a single platform avoiding juggling and maintaining multiple spreadsheets. And the sales reps can focus all their efforts, attention, and energy on moving each lead towards conversion.

How Does Automated Lead Generation Work

Lead generation automation can be used to automate any manual, time-consuming process. Here, we are explaining how the automated lead generation process works using a unique example of marketing lead generation from job posting websites like,, and so on. 

In this recipe, every day a job search is performed using predetermined keywords decided by the marketing team lead. The search results are posted in a Google sheet. The marketing team lead can approve the opportunities from the Google sheet and assign an owner for each opportunity. 

After the approval, each owner of the approved opportunities is notified through DM in Slack and they get the option to create a deal, contact, or archive the opportunity. Or set a reminder in Slack to remind them about certain opportunities at a custom date/time.

The lead generation automation process has the following steps

  1. An automation bot (Workato recipe) performs a daily/weekly search using predetermined keywords on recruitment websites like, Linkedin, etc. 
  2. The bot stores the search results in a Google sheet and sends a direct Slack message to the marketing team lead to review the sheet.
  3. The marketing team lead can approve the opportunities from the Google sheet and assign an owner to each opportunity. 
  4. The bot then automatically creates separate sheets for each technology or search criteria. It also creates separate tabs within the sheets to segregate the search results based on the location.
  5. After approval, each owner of the approved opportunities is notified through a DM in Slack and they get the option to create a deal, contact, or archive the opportunity. Or set a reminder in Slack to remind them about certain opportunities at a future date/time.
  6. For every approved opportunity, the bot creates a HubSpot contact.
  7. For the deal owner, the bot creates a task in Asana for each approved opportunity.
  8. The bot also collects additional information like location, current company, availability, etc. from other sources about the prospect and provides it to the owner.

As you can see, this automation bot provides an end-to-end solution, replaces all manual time-consuming tasks, and integrates apps and job sites like Google Sheets, Slack, HubSpot, Asana,, Linkedin, etc. 

You can see the stepwise process below-

This automated lead generation process saves a lot of time by improving and automating communication between team members, reducing costs, and increasing the lead conversion rate. The bot quickly gathers additional data on a prospect and stores it and makes your life easy.

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How can Incepta Help

For automating various time-consuming marketing and HR functions like lead generation, lead management, CRM integration, employee onboarding, performance management, etc. contact the automation and integrations experts at Incepta solutions. We have been using such automated lead generation processes within our company and have also helped many businesses achieve a seamless transition to more efficient automated business processes.

Are you ready for Lead GenerationAutomation?

Lead generation automation helps businesses to save costs and improve communication between team members thus better conversion rates leading to increased revenues.

Speak with our automation experts about the best automation solutions appropriate for your business and the specific challenges you are facing.

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