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Incepta is a certified Automation Anywhere Partner and Value Added Reseller. We work with you to develop a digital workforce strategy consisting of efficient workflows and program bots to automate specific tasks to increase productivity and profitability.


Automation Anywhere Services

Incepta is a certified and preferred Automation Anywhere® partner. We offer advisory services to companies on identifying opportunities where RPA implementation can bring significant improvements to their existing processes.

Incepta specializes in developing bots & workflows to handle specific tasks across different industry verticals.

We provide ready-to-deploy Automation Anywhere solutions as a Digital Workforce where RPA bots are tested and deployed with dependency support, complete version control, and rollback features. There are three types of bots based on the type of process:

1. Task Bots      2. Meta Bots     3. IQBOT


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Automation Anywhere Projects


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Automation Anywhere Services

Our Automation Anywhere services include

  • Revenue Automation

    Transform your finance and accounting processes by automating manual processes to reduce cost and improve cash flow.

  • HR Automation

    Use intelligent automation bots to automate manual and repetitive HR processes to boost HR productivity and reduce errors.

  • Marketing Automation

    Automate manual sales and marketing tasks using RPA+AI to reach out to more customers and grow market share.

  • Contact Center Automation

    Improve customer experience using Contact Center Automation to empower virtual as well as live customer service agents.

  • Front Office Automation

    Automate end-to-end processes using Front Office Automation with cloud-native RPA to focus on customer interaction.

  • Back Office Automation

    Automate all your back-end critical processes using Automation Anywhere’s unified cloud-native RPA solution.


    We streamline Automation Anywhere license management. Our service guarantees compliance, minimizes unnecessary spending, and optimizes processes. This comprehensive approach reduces costs, mitigates penalties, and liberates your resources for strategic initiatives.


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Incepta is a proud partner of Gartner and Forrester-recognized tech leaders, ensuring premier services for clients across diverse domains with top-tier solutions.

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Benefits to bank on

Advantages of Automation Anywhere Platform

  • Faster Delivery

    As robots are handling the execution here, a large amount of work can be done in a relatively short period. A faster delivery, coupled with accuracy becomes the norm with Automation Anywhere.

  • Increased Productivity

    RPA enables humans and robots to do what they excel at. It frees the employees from mundane tasks so they can focus on client interaction, relationship building, and other such activities.

  • Ease of Use

    Automate your manual business processes with a few clicks. Automation Anywhere provides a highly intuitive modern interface with features such as drag-and-drop, different design views, and more.

  • High Customer Satisfaction

    Delivering better quality of work with high accuracy and timely delivery leads to increased customer satisfaction. This only adds to the goodwill of the organization.

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Transform your business by working with Incepta

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    Proven Agile Delivery

    Our experienced team creates unique solutions and delivers them within 4 weeks using the Agile delivery in the Onshore, Nearshore, and Offshore models.

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    AA Certified Consultants

    Incepta’s in-house team of 40+ Automation Anywhere-certified developers and architects is ready to help you at any stage of your project.

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    Comprehensive Services

    Incepta offers a full range of automation services and completes your projects within the timeline and budget to meet your requirements.

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